Honey and Salt

1629, Sea Season, Death Week, Clayday


Berra has come back to Boldhome to worship Eril and Humakt. Session SA4.9.


“Long day. I gotta eat. I’ll be up early.”

That porridge is not fresh – nobody has delivered you… are you going to eat that?

“Yeah. It’s getting good now. That’s why I spread it out in the bowl. It makes it all be crust.”

I fear I am more fascinated than horrified. Why might one even do that?

“Because I don’t have two days to let it set properly. It’s best after two.”

I note that your Truth Rune gives you no pain, yet you continue to pollute the world with this opinion.

“Nah, seriously. You dip it in -“

Your hypothetical scenario has me accepting the basic premise. Start again, without the logical error.

“We din’t always have much food when I was growing up, yeah? And having this meant you had good times. You knew where your next meals were coming from.”

They come from the kitchen, priest. You can order anything you like, and yet you order oat porridge and leave it a day!


Because you do not have two days.

“Oh, if I’da had two days, I’ve stopped for lunch. I wouldn’t have had to order this.”

It may be the approach of madness, but I almost comprehended that. At least have the decency to add honey or spices.

“I get them to cook it with salt.”

“Lord Raven?”