Fragment 24 – The Shoulder of Humakt (Disputed Fragment)

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 24

1626, Sea Season

Fresh from the slaughter she hied to the Temple
Prayer to Humakt made Berra in earnest
Thanks to the God for the gift of her sword-strength
Berra gave up to the Death Lord of sword-fame

On the return to the Palace of Women
Berra stooped low to give shoulder to Vinga1Contextually, kneeling indicates the step Orlanth once took on Humakt’s shoulder, to reach the wall of the Fire Tribe tula. See ‘The Stealing of the Flight Spell’ in its many incarnactions.
Speaking of champion-fighting and oath-binds
True to her word she with Vinga2Some discussion remains over whether there is a connection to Varanis, famous Vingan of Berra’s circle, or if this is another conceptual act of Berra as Humakt. went hunting

Seeking for foes in the markets and alleys
Humakt and Vinga found all fled before them
Vinga spoke to him of leading her people
Humakt replied with the pride of a champion

3Niyall has it that this fragment in the style of the Scorpion Folk shows Humakt in his aspect of war-advisor and chief of champions.Speaking to Orlanth and not to his brother4That is, Humakt was no longer the Storm King’s brother
Humakt advised that all paths had beginning
Vinga5Garin rebuts Niyall’s suggestion here, on the grounds that Vinga is mentioned in the oldest manuscripts, for no reason that can be explained by a mere teaching manuscript. must walk on the air as a Storm-Lord
Learning to fly was the birth-right of Orlanth

Then he bent knee at the Wall of the Tula
Covered his armour with grass at the shoulder
Dishonoured not the dark iron of his mailcoat
Stood as a guard against Orlanth’s returning

Orlanth flew back from the house of the Fire-tribe6While most sources indicate the Fire Tribe had stolen Orlanth’s ability to fly, the sage Llewun supports the hypothesis that he gambled it away when drunk, or lent it out and had it stolen. Humakt’s involvement in the act of retrieval is documented elsewhere.
Raider successful he greeted his war-lord
Gifted his hand and they both rose together
Humakt depending on Orlanth for safety

There was a puppy pile of snoozing heroes at the tower, briefly. Berra leaned on Rajar to have a nap, and Lanasha insisted on having her head in Berra’s lap. After the return from the tower, there was a visit to Grandmother to be thanked, a short discussion over loot, and then some down time. Varanis and Xenofos were thrust into the group, to Berra’s initial anger, as she did not know that Varanis knew what the mission was, and was trying to keep them from finding out. Dormal came round in the Hospital and returned to the house and the group. Nala found out about the story of how Chalana Arroy brought Voria back from Humakt. This was sent to Boldhome on Serala’s hawk, and Serala saw that the hawk had arrived with Tennebris. They took ship to a nearby town and went up the King’s Road home. With frustrating slowness for Berra, the PCs returned to Boldhome.

( Mmmm. Sleep. ) O o .
( Aaah, good soldier keeping warm. ) O o .
( Waaaaaaiiiit. I know who this is. Why is she tired? ) O o .
( … Oh. ) O o . – Berra

Approximately remembered quote:
“She humbly requests that you allow her two clan members to join your company, by way of recompense.” – Eranda
“I don’t see why we should accept her spies.” – Berra
“Such diplomacy.” – Xenofos
“Oh Berra.” – Varanis

“Varanis steps into the room behind Eranda. Then stops at Berra’s words.” – Varanis

“Varanis is looking offended.” – Varanis
“Welcome.” – Berra
“‘Thank you.’ Varanis is still looking offended.” – Varanis

“Happy wave!” – Rajar
*stares at Rajar* – Berra

“Serala will give a look at Varanis and raise an eyebrow. ‘Issue? Because if we have issues, we should air them here and not when we’re sitting in the dark, guarding a camp.'” – Serala
“No, just that I feel the more people we have along, the more people are around. But Dormal already said where we were going, right?” – Berra
“‘I have little choice here, but don’t want to be forced on anyone. And yes, of course Dormal told me everything.'” – Varanis
“There’s a small blink. ‘Everything??'” – Berra
“Yes, everything. We are kin.” – Varanis
“The honourless little shit. But right. In that case, you know where we are going. We leave as soon as we’ve got a few things finished.” – Berra

“Well calling out with prayers does sound a bit haphazard, like… you never know who is listening.” – Xenofos
“Oh, I know that. We’d have to phrase it very carefully.” – Berra, blithely

“I wonder how far after this village we’ll get to the town you’re after.” – Xenofos
“That would be Boldhome.” – Berra
“Oh.” – Xenofos

“More of us are heroes, so you don’t need as many people.” – Berra