Fragment 3.8 – The Guarding of the Innocent

Clad in her tunic and sandals of straw-make
Clothed as a penitent Berra was walking
Dire was the learning that Eril had doled her
Spending a season with armour in Temple

Berra quoth many would take this as resting
Safe in the Temple would stay and would guard it
I cannot rest in one place for a season
I will go forth and leave safety behind me

Up in the highlands of Greyrock walked Berra
Taking the path that the troll once had taken
She walked in freedom to show she was able
Freedom from capture and freedom from troll-fear

There Nala captured a thunderbeast infant
Ten cubits long with the hide of a bison
Five were its horns and a club its great tail was
Yet it cried out with the voice of an infant

Berra stood straight in her tunic and sandals
Saying the child was not fit for blood-letting
Stood up before her and called her to mercy
Giving the fruit of her wisdom to Nala

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 3 7


Turning her eyes to the letter of Onjur1
Berra took word to the Temple of Humakt
Bringing the news of the Bat to her Captain
Tall Eril listened in silence to Berra

Seeking for knowledge of enemy Onjur
Erill called Berra to speak to the Rune-Lords
Questioning close all the plotting she told him
Finding in words she spoke truth for the taking

Then to the Temple her bound her tithe-service
Ordered her lessons for Lords of the Sword-cult
Speaking of Onjur she planned with Lord Heenith
D’Val of the sword-path and Graria Greatsword

After having given a briefing to her Temple about the problem of Onjur, Berra set out to catch up with her friends, who had been, to her knowledge, off to get a Thunder Lizard. Fortunately they had left word to say they were going to the Greyrock Clan, meaning she went the right way. She stopped for the night at their village, and was woken at a late hour by Minstar, who said something terrible was happening. They hurried up the hill. By the time they arrived much of the problem was over, but Berra found a triceratops half-buried in the ground by the Cave of Salt and Teeth. Valseena was able to talk to it, and Berra has a sneaking suspicion of who had brought it there – it matched the description of Dranzn’k Backbreaker.
Despite this, Berra was tired enough to let Suuraki and Varanis go off alone to fetch tools to help it out. She stayed to guard it, along with Rajar, Valseena, Suuraki, Irillo (and Salid) and Nala. Nala attempted to sacrifice it, and Berra got in her way and shouted a bit, then when Tiwr nudged Nala and she looked confused, gate the Praxian some fruit and water. She also sent Rajar and Salid to catch up just in case. They later returned with digging tools and a tale. Salid had stabbed Drazn’k once more, possibly saving Varanis and Suuraki. Later investigations showed that Drazn’k had lost his axe head, as well as the bag of bones and bits of people that he kept. Berra asked Minstar if those spirits trapped in the bones could have homes with the Ancestors. Minstar agreed they could if they were the right sort of dead people.

“They’ve started without us!” – Berra
“I think the danger is averted. Or it’s all gone horribly wrong.” – Minstar
“They’ve started without us!” – Berra

“Berra looks pale, unusually so, and very very angry.” – Berra

Berra: Berra goes to give Valseena a pat on the back.
Berra: Well done.
Berra: And gives Nala some fruit. ‘Not meat stuff.’

Berra: Berra stays outside, during the ceremony.