Running Gag

1628, Earth Season, Fertility Week, Wildday?


The group is in the grazelands with the hope of keeping Berra out of immense political trouble. Berra is badly hung over. Session 3SA.3


After the pause for lunch, Serala and Finarvi are riding up front while Berra and Varanis follow. There’s a short outburst at one point, but otherwise things seem quiet until Varanis charges up behind the Grazelanders on her beast of a black mare.

“We’re going to run for a bit. On foot. We’re fine, but just need to do this.” Without waiting for a reply, the Vingan wheels and races back in Berra’s direction. She manages a flying dismount that looks like it was on purpose. The irritated horse stops moving, which allows Varanis to grab her reins.

After removing and securing her helmet to one of the packs, Varanis begins to run, Manasa beside her.

Berra gets off carefully, and takes a bit of time for getting her bearings, or possible her balance, and then she takes off as well. She has not remembered to grab her reins, and indeed has tied them to a spur on the saddle, but the horse follows anyhow, as if this is part of its training. Berra is in light clothes, and has shed her cloak, and so she is well set up for running.

Followed does not lumber into a trot. Bisons are wiser than that. She stops to graze instead.

“You going to do something about the bison?” Varanis asks.

Berra ignores the Vingan, the bison, and just about everything else as well. After a quick sip of water, she sets off at a determined walk, and then breaks into a slow jog, heading for the southern horizon.

Finarvi looks to Serala, shrugs, and halts. His horse immediately drops its head to graze. The Grazelanders’s remounts seem to take this as their cue to do the same.

Varanis loops around with Manasa to collect Berra’s bison. She makes a play for the reins.

Finarvi spares her an amused glance, but mostly he’s watching for signs of predators or other enemies.

Followed gives no indication of caring, just becomes a bison on a lead.

Berra’s jog stays slow for a while, and then she steps up the pace, but she is obviously not enjoying herself, and for all that Varanis is in armour, the Humakti seems to be the one suffering. She should be able to run for an hour or more, and be in good condition to fight, but instead after less than a mile she has to stop to be sick. She does manage to scratch her horse on the shoulder as thanks for the company, and gets a complete lack of enthusiasm in return, but at least she tries.

Then she has more water, and looks around the area.

Varanis, flushed and sweating, has a horse and a bison. For once, the demon mare is behaving, perhaps because she sees that Varanis is torturing herself. The alternative is that she’s waiting for the right moment.

The Vingan doesn’t appear to notice that Berra has stopped. Each step is punctuated by the dull clang of her armour.

Berra looks around a bit more, and then points off East, to the other two, with an innocent look of enquiry.