Continued Transcript of Examination of Berra Jarangsdottir after the Heroquest of the Hero Eril Humakti

1628, Storm Season, Death Week, Godday


Berra has given Lord Eril a lot to think about in a previous session of reporting, and the session is reconvened. Session SA3.13.


~ Godday of Death Week, Orlanth’s Season. Sword in attendance Lord Eril. Also present, Lord Raven. Witnessed by initiate Athanu. Report on the Heroquest of Lord Eril continues. Initiate has waived the present of a second Sword of Humakt.

~ Initiate, you were on the road to Wilmskirk, meeting your friends.

She is a Wyter Priest, and the correct term of reference is Lady.

Thank you, Lord Raven. I recall you were also an initiate?

~ We walked for a bit, and then we found some Colymar on the road ahead of us. They got caught up, and tried to stop me, but I got them to listen to me, and managed to persuade some of them to let me pass. Others were not affected. Lord, that used knowledge that I had to get from you. I don’t know if it was the then-you or if you were in the Temple.

~ Continue with your report.

~ Some people were not affected. My friends took them aside and explained what was going on and said to help hold their friends back if they had to, but we left without a fight. They knew who we were, but we were on the King’s Road. We went on but after that I was finding my habits changed, Lord. I kept using different words and eating was hard because part of me wanted to use different things to eat with, and then I wanted to stay being me but also not lose what I was trying to be.

Utensils. Surely she knows the word?

Yes, but she is trying not to lose what she is.

~ At Wilmskirk I let my friends go in – sent them in really – to visit Lord Silor and warn him of what was coming. I stayed outside, and then I went West with them the next day. Maalira had been behind but she joined me overnight. I stayed clear-headed, although I ended up aware she was there a lot.

Previous request: Athanu, let me know if I -

Yes, thank you, Athanu. Enough.

~ On the way to Duck Point, looking for mercenaries there, we thought we saw zombies in the Upland Marsh, and while we were distracted, some grazelanders charged us. They seemed to be coming for me. I was going to die, so I called on Humakt, and he answered through you. I could feel that, Lord.

~ Continue…

~ I called on him to send me to the Temple at Duck Point. It was the nearest one, and it was where we wanted to go. Then Lord Geoffri asked me a lot of questions. He was asking me, not you, High Sword.

~ Which I take to mean you will not be telling me.

~ S’complicated.

Questioned signals for water. Provided by Lord Raven in his human form. ~ He asked me about what I should be. He asked me what was more important, my friends or my quest, and then he said I’d have to duel Varanis if I wanted his help.

~ Varanis agreed to it, and we did. We used Second Temple Rules.

She would have won under Third Temple Rules. Twice.

~I was overcome by a blow to the head, but healed, and later I talked with Lord Geoffri alone. I told him I would be attempting to perform the Heroquest of Indrodar aided by the durulz, a different part of the whole myth. He agreed to that and sent me with two heavy files. Ten each, one headed by a sword and one by a duck I knew who volunteered.

~ Why did you choose this path?

Lady Berra.

~ I didn’t want my friends to die, and I wanted to find another way that wouldn’t make me bind people there, and I wanted to do a new thing. I thought that might be useful, although it wasn’t the main reason.

~ What was the man reason… Lady Berra?

~ My friends, Lord.

~ Continue.

~ I marched with them but not as part of them back to Wilmskirk. They provided an escort but there was no trouble, only that Serala kept on acting Lunar. It worried us all. And then we went to the Cinder Fox Tula. Chief Silor welcomed us and then a bit after sunset we were talking with him and Serala said that she had been thinking as Sanra. But that was Waterday, Lord, so the moon was weak.

~ She said she had been doing things that only Sanra would have done, and that a voice from far away had talked like it was inside her ears. And then Lord Silor said there was a vampire in the Enstalos and he thought it was the thing that had ambushed you when you were young. So then we set off and walked through the night to arrive in daytime and have the night when the Lunar part of Serala was weakest ahead of us.

~ We’d had a briefing about the undead from the Sword from Duck Point and they were around us. I felt like Indrodar but also like you, Lord. It was weird.

~ Fancy that. Continue.

~ We fought zombies – none attacked me directly but I stepped in front of some because Maalira was in danger. I mean that I stepped into the danger, not just … into that particular place, not just. Um.

Questioned signals for time. Wyter appears in room, ruffles hair of Wyter Priest. ~You are doing well.

~ Lord Raven, have some dignity please. Initiate Berra is capable of continuing.

~ Sorry, yeah. I was unengaged and moved to protect the White Lady as well as to slay what opposed us. One of them was a man I knew, in memory. He had died in the ambush. It did not cause me any problems, and I wasn’t the one who killed him, but we took his head for burial.

~ After that we reached a cottage. That wasn’t what I had thought would happen but it was a pretty clear stage of the Heroquest. The ducks stayed in the water to keep us from ambush, on my request. I walked up, with Varanis and Finarvi, and clapped at the door.

~ It opened, and inside the shade in the house was a pale man with dark hair, and then I was being attacked by two wraiths. They were the people you killed, Lord.

~ Continue.

~ Sure. About the Heroquest, or about what-

Wyter forms. ~ Lady Berra. Now is not the time. Please, remember your duty here.

~ Sure. Just hand me the water.

Wyter maintains defensive position towards High Sword while Questioned drinks. ~ It felt terrible. I dropped my sword. I had no strength and just staying up was exhausting. But Serala called down the light of the Cold Sun, and Varanis killed them both and Serala walked into the house where the vampire was, and the Sword of Humakt killed it, finally. When I was out of my armour I ordered the place to be kept as the Overnight Temple, but nothing came against us. When dawn came the Marsh was gone.

~ Did you keep the vigil?

~ I stayed awake. I wasn’t much use but I could rely on the others, and I set them into their positions. I don’t know if I’d have been up to fighting if there had been an attack although I could have use magic to help.

Let the record show that the initiate answered in the affirmative. Cut the useless information.

~ Lord Silor was there, with a lot of warriors. We went back to his village. It took me a day and a half, and the Ravenwing was calling out in my backpack the whole way. It wants to be hung from the sky again. And then Maalira mostly looked after me, and Silor sent Varanis to let me know I was exiled. That young Eril was exiled, I mean. I’m still welcome. And then we came back here. It’s all a bit of a mess after seeing Devo… Devolin. The Eurmali. He’s the one bound to Varanis. He brought me into the room with Ikadz, Lord. It didn’t hurt as much as I had thought it would but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t bad.

~ Continue.

~ There’s not much else to say. I think you killed someone. Ikadz, I mean. I believe that must have been Serala. But then the next thing I know was Maalira was trying to help me and I think her hand slipped or something. I was bleeding to death and it was a wound that couldn’t heal. So that’s when I called on you the second time and then there stopped being a Heroquest at all.

~ Mm. You bound Lord Raven then?

Touchy subject…

~ That’s all I have to say about it, Lord. We’re done.

And Geoffri merely calls her arrogant.

~ This report is closed and sealed.