Fragment 29 – The Death of the Jack-o-Bear

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 29


Rajar had gone to the edge of the Tula
Berra of Blue-Tree called out to her Wyter
Asking for where and not why for she trusted
Rajar would fight against dangers of Chaos

Armour was brought for the clothing of Rajar1From this we can assume that others armed themselves, or undertook the ceremony with a sufficiency of clothing.
Xenofos proud set a warning on Berra
Scouting above they found Chaos on moorland
Paused by the treeline for war-preparation2This Heortling word is often used both for preparation for battle, and starting a war. In this case, the context is clear, as the war against Chaos is eternal.

Talking with Berra of Storm-Bull and Tactics
Rajar chose not to be cloaked in his anger3Of the feats that Berra Jarang’s Daughter performs, the fact she can persuade Rajar to hold off on going berserk is one of the more subtly unbelievable. Really?
Walking the woods until trees failed above them
Berra and Rajar were first in the vanguard4Naturally

Saw they a Priestess of Mallia Midwife
Mother of Blight and the bringer of death-ills
Standing by Jack-o-bear face carved in smiles
It turned to Rajar but Rajar was solid

Running towards them on horseback and footfall
All swift to battle but Berra at forefront
She struck the death-bear a blow to the forehead
Half-cleaved its brow with one blow of her broadsword

Arrows rain-fell as the Grazelanders circled
Into the fray came Esrolian javelins5Known to be favoured by Xenofos
Foes fell in moments and Varanis smote them
Rajar brought axe down to strike on the ground there

Berra patrolled on the Tula that hour
Mellia summoned a spirit of healing
Saw to the spring that was sullied by spirits
Berra cried Clan could come help cleanse the hillside6Another patch line

Then to the Clan of the Maloni People7Presumably a clan within the Tribe, rather than conflating tribe and Clan for the Maloni here
To the Green Fish Berra led her companions
Calming their fires as they rose up in anger
Keeping the Storm Bull from drinking in earnest

Peace made by Vinga rang out through the Greathall
Varanis spoke of the Temple of Mellia
Peace with the Green-Fish and Temple for two-clans8This curious doubled word indicates a formality that might later be sealed by marriages. Truly, a formidable peace.
,9Or a lack of room on the original writing material.
Feasting was called for the peace and the Storm Bull10And this feasting did not cause any major incidents.

Once Rajar’s armour had arrived, the group prepared to go uphill towards the source of Chaos. Xenofos put Detect Enemies on Berra, ranged with an extension so they could go quickly, and they went, with Rajar and Berra up ahead. Two enemies showed up to Berra and Xenofos, at which point the adventurers prepared with Rune Spells and Rajar talked with Berra about tactics, deciding to save his holy rage for the moment, rather than potentially fall and then have Chaotic reinforcements arrive. They encountered a Jack-o-bear which failed to take over Rajar’s will, and a Broo of Mallia. Arrows hit the broo, and Berra hit the Jack-o-bear, with the enemy falling within seconds of battle being joined. They searched the hilside for more, but found none, and they did find the spring that the Mallian Broo had defouled, and Mellia summoned a healing spirit to fight the disease. When the waters were clear once more, they called on the whole community to build a firebreak and burn the affected hillside.

Berra suggested a feast for ‘Rajar Chaoskiller’, but it was spring, so that got downgraded to a party with a few pigs slaughtered. While that was being prepared, the group set off for the Green Fish Tula, to let them know what Kallyr Starbrow had said. They planned to soften the blow rather by mentioning the temple to Chalana Arroy, and that both Clans would be welcome to use it.

On the way there, Varanis took it into her head that Tiwr was secretly a Broo in disguise, and argued with Nala. Berra tried to get between them, and eventually Mellia rode between the pair. They reached the Green Fish Clan and were given wine, bread, and salt, and then Varanis explained about the lands. She moved the chieftain of the clan so much he wept, and offered them a feast. Berra pointed out that there was a feast already being prepared on the Blue Tree Tula, and invited them there, and peace broke out.

“I think ‘Operation Drink a Bottle of Mead’ should start now.” – Berra, an hour before game

“Should we start, and get the waiting for plot bits out of the way?” – Berra

“I’m grown up!” – Berra
“Who told you that?” – GM

“I think it’s best to save the Holy Rage in case they have further strength we have not seen yet.” – Berra
“Yeeess… I won’t get unreasonable yet.” – Rajar

“SCOUT GROUP. (Me.)” – Berra

“Yeah. Burning water is tricky.” – Berra

“Just put servants and slaves on it?” – Xenofos
*patient explanation about Carls, Cottars, and Thrall-holding Clans* – Berra
“Berra manages a perfect ‘not getting angry at Xenofos about freedom’.” – Berra

“Varanis, they’re all paying a lot of respect to you. People who made Insight Own Species: They seem to be impressed that this is a Thane who… knows what she’s talking about when it comes to rural agriculture.” – GM
“I’m not going to disillusion her.” – Berra

“Weird barbarians – we just go in and tell them how things stand these days.” – Xenofos
“This is about the subtle balance of power.” – Berra
“You mean, they’d understand it here?” – Xenofos

“where are the paths to Green Fish” – Xenofos
“Paths. To Green Fish. Hmmm….” – Berra
“If You happen to travel there looking for lost sheep?” – Xenofos
“Ah, THOSE sorts of paths.” – Berra

*attempts once more not to go to Clearwine* – Berra

“If the Humakti is going, I’m going also.” – Xenofos
“It’s like watching Eril and D’Val again!” – Berra

“Truth is the basis for Honour.” – Berra
*blinks audibly* – Nala

“YAY! We derailed Clearwine again!” – Berra

“Berra, I think he’s a Broo!” – Varanis
*reaches out to test Varanis for fever* – Berra

*mean, suspicious glare* – Xenofos
“All of the rest of the group is alright with Tiwr…” – Berra

“Make yourself at home.” – Chief Saronil
“Um, if I’m making myself at home I tend to be outside the door, guarding it. Can I be at home inside instead?” – Berra

*makes emergency introductions* – Xenofos
“In purest Esrolian.” – Xenofos

“So, Blue Tree clan… odd. no Ducks.” – Saronil
“We rode here.” – Berra
“Ah.” – Saronil

“Well, that puts a whole new perspective on things.” – Green Fish Chief
“… Perspective?” – Berra to Xenofos
“Way of looking at things.” – Xenofos, aside

“Berra is brushing off most of the dust. Washing is for religion, not for pleasure.” – Berra

“She’s called Nameless. That’s how much you don’t ask her name.” – Berra

… “Assassinated by Humakti.” – Xenofos
“Xenofos. Let’s use the word ‘killed.’ It was done openly.” – Berra

“I’m sorry. I was crap at taking quotes. I was too busy pressing gauze to stitches. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:” – Varanis
“Well, we could all have been less amusing.” – Berra
“Except me. My default setting is hilarious.” – Berra