Fragment 33 – The Argument with Eril

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 33


Fast to the palace ran Berra Humakti
Answered the call of Varanis the Vingan
Orlanth had called her and so she would answer
Stood in the way of the High Sword1Palace political records from this time are limited. However, the Temple of Truth has a note to the effect that Berra Jarang’s Daughter defied the High Sword, and was not executed. For some time after this, there are no more records about her in the same archive. before her

Eril was wroth and his ire was upon her
Ordering her to find Death in the Hollow
Sending D’Val that the Rune-Lord die with them
Testing their faith in his word and his orders

Berra stood tall and said Death was forever
She would seek honour and not Eril’s glory
Silent was D’Val with the wisdom of ages
Holy was Death in the heart of the Durulz

Daughter of Jarang said Eril to Berra
Finding the Underworld one way is easy
Doing so living is harder for heroes
Will you pass Trolls or the Lunars or Chaos

You will have help in this Rune-Lord I send you
Humakti Sword of the folk of the Uplands
Go now to Death as your High Sword commands you
Lest you fail Orlanth and Sartar forever

Bowing before him she spoke in her anger
My Lord forgets he might mention Indrodar
Necklace of stones of the Tribe of Lismelder
Place of emerging when Humakt had Death found

Calm was her voice but her spirit was quickened
There in her eyes flashed rebellion and fury
Eril smiled down from the rank he was born to2This whole matter is treated as another Humakti test of character, at least from Eril’s point of view, with Berra passing it and receiving a proud smile after revealing further truth in despite of his apparent wishes.
Telling the child of the sword to continue

Deep to the March traveled Indrodar Greydog
Seeking the corpse of the dead Queen Lismelder
This is a quest that can start on a journey
If we walk down and not into the Uplands

Leaving the presence of Kallyr and Eril
Berra bowed low to the Sword of the Durulz
Begging his pardon for speaking before him
Asking forgiveness for doubting his prowess3Most would doubt that a single Rune-Lord would be able to help a group of heroes to survive Snakepipe Hollow.

Varanis brought her companions up to see Tennebris, to find out what he would do about her having sworn an oath to bring back the Flame of Sartar. At the top of the thousand steps to the Palace, they met with D’Val, who was casually picking his fingernails with a dagger, and walked in with them. The guards wondered if he was allowed in, but Berra vouched for him, and he vouched for being with her. They were sent in to see Kallyr, rather than Tennebris, although Tennebris was present. So was Eril.

After hearing Varanis tell her tale for everyone’s benefit, Kallyr asked her to bring back ‘The Spark’, which was probably with Sartar in the underworld. Varanis agreed to, and Kallyr turned to Eril for expertise on entering the underworld. Eril had plenty of lethal suggestions, and volunteered the services of D’Val as a Rune Lord to try to get people to the gates of death while they were still living. Trolls, the Lunar Heartlands, or the gateway within Snakepipe Hollow featured.

Berra asked about using the entrance at Indrodar’s Necklace, where Humakt had come out of the Underworld with Death. This did not please Eril, and Berra failed to notice how Kallyr or Tennebris reacted. Eril gave Berra permission to speak on, which she did. Indrodar’s Necklace was in the Lismelder lands, within the Tula of the Greydog Clan, close to the Upland Marsh, and the journey there would be simple. Eril conceded that this might work.

The group went off to plan and talk, D’Val going with them. He said he could accompany them to the Greydog lands. Berra told people what she knew about Indrodar, which was not a great deal. D’Val encouraged her to talk, rather than speaking himself.

“Berra looks exhausted and on edge.” – Berra

“Now is the time to say if you’re not going to do this…” – Varanis
“Oh sorry, I should have said yes! I just didn’t say no.” – Berra

“At the top of the steps, sitting down, cleaning his fingernails…” – GM
“A duck…” – Berra
“A Duck… The Duck, in fact.” – GM

“They’re waiting for you.” – D’Val
“The guards are there and they are completely ignoring him. There is no attempt to move him on.” – GM

“The Duck stands and ambles on after. One of the guards holds up a hand.” – GM
“He’s with me.” – Berra
“I’m with her.” – D’Val

“Berra is standing next to D’Val. Proudly.” – Berra
“Trying not to lean on him casually.” – Berra

“Behind her and slightly to one side is Tennebris. Leaning sardonically against the other doorframe in a black robe is Eril.” – GM

“Yes, your Highness. Firstly of course there is the direct and if I may say so to the … point way of reaching the underworld. There are gateways. it is possible the Trolls have one. The otherworld is a true Darkness. Otherwise I know of several. There are …. at least two which are close enough to be useful. One is in Peloria… There may be more than one there. I believe their …alleged goddess returned through one. There is also said to be one in Snakepipe Hollow…. Given the need to keep you as it were alive until you reach the land of the dead I have taken the liberty of asking D’Val the Sword to accompany you if you choose one of those routes.” – Eril

“Believe me when I say it is entirely my pleasure.” – Eril
“He says, with no evidence of pleasure on his face at all.” – GM

“Uh, what about Indrodar’s necklace? It’s where Humakt came out of the Underworld, bearing Death… Unless that’s a Humakti secret… If I may, High Sword?” – Berra
“As that particlar yinkin has been released, do proceed, Initiate.” – Eril

“Indrodar’s Necklace is in the Greydog Clan. It’s in Lismelder lands, so it’s easier to get to.” – Berra
“This is certainly something that might work, yes.” – Eril

“Sid’s on his way South. We need someone who’s afraid but does things – and Xenofos is taken.” – Berra

“Well, that went well.” – Berra
“Are you sure your Storm Bull is still alive?” – D’Val
“He knows when to fight chaos and when not to fight chaos.” – Berra
“Are you sure your storm bull is still a Storm Bull?” – D’Val

“…I’d like to point out he is his own storm bull. He’s a friend, but he is his own person.” – Berra

“Tho. It appearth I live to fight another day.” – D’Val
“Unless you want to come to Indrodar’s Necklace and be a mad hero.” – Berra
“Well, I’ll come, but I don’t think I’ll be the Humakti that completes this quest.” – D’Val
“Well, I don’t see any others here, so if I die on the road, you get to do it.” – Berra

“He orders wine and beer with the air of a Duck with nothing to prove.” – GM

“Would the Trolls kill you?” – Berra
“It depends how many of them I killed.” – D’Val
“I’m not afraid of trolls, but I’d prefer to look at other options.” – Varanis
“It’s fine, D’Val’s saying he’d prefer to look at other options too.” – Berra

“And then I could go to the temple and ask what I can find there….” – Berra
“I’m right here, you know?” – D’Val
“Yes, and I’m very glad you are!” – Berra

“D’Val could be Indrodar and then that would let me be Ginna Jar or Flesh Man, and come with you.” – Berra
“Can everyone except Berra roll Insight Own Species, please.” – GM

“Snakepipe Hollow feels safer somehow.” – Varanis
“… No.” – Berra

“Yes. Do not allow Xenofos be the one to be afraid all the time.” – Berra
“Flesh Man goes through the MINCER.” – Berra

“What could possibly go wrong…” – Xenofos
“Us.” – Berra
“Wait, was that rhetoric?” – Berra

“When your High Sword says, ‘Go and die’.” – Berra

Questions to Duck:

How long was I asleep?
Do you ever feel really, really impatient?
I want a magic matrix, for my spirit’s magic. Any advice?

1) Time ith a separathion from the God.
2) Yeth. Then I meditate. On which thubject…
3) Go make one.

If you’re asleep, and time seem to doesn’t pass for you, does that mean you’re closer to Humakt, or is that an illusion?
Uh, how?

1) That’th a good quethtion.
2) *calm expression*
3) Get to be a sword. Or pay one to make one

Does your spirit sleep when you do?

1) Athk a Shaman

When you offered to stab Varanis, were you talking of starting the Lightbringer’s Quest the brutal way?

1) Yess