Fragment 30 – The Return to Boldhome

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 30

1626, Fire Season

Leaving her Clan with the words of Wayfaring
Berra told Yehna to watch for her coming1Some texts here have ‘watch for the Earth-Time’. Some, notably, do not.
I will return when my duty allows me
Humakt will take me or else I will be here

Onward to Clearwine she rode and she walked2Her geases at this point, undoubtedly significant, are not on record. then
Keeping the company Humakt had sent her
Guarding the train of the mules of Irillo
Guarding the person of Varena3This is the first we see of the Sartarite styling of the name Varanis. Vingan

Speaking few words in the Chamber of Leika
Berra saw Black-spear the Weapon of Ages
Held up her head as the Coylmar Nameless
Champion of Tribesfolk passed onward beside her4Contextually it is no surprise that Nameless should be unnamed here, as a famous Humakti. Once more Berra is being held up in comparison to the great.

Then to the Eastward she turned her swift footfalls
Running5Even the legendarily swift Berra, sometimes known as Fleetfoot, could hardly have run this distance. This running is allegorical eagerness. to Temple she spoke with her Master6Either D’Val the Sword as her direct superior, or more likely within the language, the High Sword Eril. However, the context of their relationships tips the likelihood the other way – Berra is unlkely to have spoken to Eril directly.
Saying her place was with them in Fire Season
Pledging herself to the service of Humakt

After a trip from the Blue Tree Tule that had some angst and arguments but little by the way of bandits or Devolin, they settled into an inn in Clearwine and made an appointment to see Leika. Nala, Serala, Mellia and Finarvi did not attend. Berra was severely pissed off by having her shield taken from her at the entrance to the palace, and when they were offered wine she tasted hers briefly and handed it on to Varanis, much to the shock of everyone. Varanis apologised, and the huge Humakti Champion, Nameless, offered to teach Berra a lesson, which Varanis politely declined. After the Vingan’s explanation of who she was and the decisions the Blue Tree and Green Fish clans had reached, Leika seemed pleased, and ordered a feast. There was feasting! After that, most of the adventurers returned to Boldhome, where Berra reported on things that had happened to D’Val, and offered her services for the Fire Season that she was sure would see war. Rajar introduced her officially to Harmast so she could talk about what Jackobears were, and how to fight them. She presented him with a keg of Beer With Teeth, her Clan’s perry, as thanks, and left before it got drunk.

“Varanis – are you going to have an official bodyguard tomorrow?” – Berra

“This place does not have 1000 steps.” – GM
“Berra wants to run up 1000 steps. Oh well.” – Berra

“Clear, fluent, horrible Esrolian.” – Xenofos
“You mean… Sartarite.” – Berra

“Berra is looking on in approval.” – Berra
“’tis a strong house” – Rajar
“This place would be hard to take. I like it.” – Berra

“Berra puts on the professional mask.” – Berra
“She’s on the right of Varanis, looking suddenly very calm.” – Berra

“Berra bows as much to the spear as the woman. It’s a small bow.” – Berra

“Berra’s keeping her eyes on what’s around.” – Berra

“Penultimate grovel.” – Berra

*descriptive sequence* – GM
“GM flails for plot!” – Berra

“Your own fault for bringing a humakti to a diplomatic situation.” – Dormal

“Insight own species: fails.” – Berra
“Which is often the case…” – Berra

“I am going to continue drinking with every sign of enjoyment.” – Dormal

“Berra’s looking very annoyed, probably at herself.” – Berra


“DRINK” – Rajar
“FREE DRINK” – Rajar
“Wooooooooooooot” – Rajar

“I could teach her a lesson for you, if you like.” – Nameless
“Berra looks amazingly unafraid of that.” – Berra

“I’m also muting, because I have done enough damage.” – Berra

( Right so if I could get this into her eyes and then hustle Varanis that way… ) O o . – Berra
“It’s not nasty – it’s just automatic.” – Berra

“This wine’s great, you over there, bring more!” – Rajar
“Berra offers Rajar her wine, behind her. Eyes still to the front.” – Berra
“Excelllent!” – Rajar

“- audible exhaling after queens thoughful pause” – Xenofos

“We accept this grant to you, and the lands returned to the Tribe.” – Leika

“Varena Colymar… Varanis daughter of Serzeen…” – Leika

“Leika: There will be a feast this evening.” – Berra
( Great. ) O o . – Berra

“… many people in your panoply.” – Dennal, Storm Voice of Orlanth Lightbringer
( Ask Xenofos about Panoply later. ) O o . – Berra

“Tell me they have a bathhouse in Clearwine!” – Varanis
“I… don’t really lie. I don’t think they have a bathhouse in Clearwine.” – Berra

“I don’t know if I’m going there – it might be more politic to have me stay away.” – Berra
“I’d prefer to have you present.” – Varanis
“Berra will be going, then.” – Berra

“Eurmal probably had a habit of chasing after Orlanth’s wife and children.” – Berra
“With a cleaver?” – Nala
“No, although he’d have called it that.” – Berra

“I’m sure you remember the last formal banquet you were at.” – GM
“Yeah, Berra’s a little on edge.” – Berra

“I need to get a nanny goat for the babies.”- Nala

“Goats are Chaos creatures!” – Berra
“I’m really not so sure about that.” – Dormal
“Varanis, can you punch Dormal please?” – Berra
“Did you say punch Dormal?” – Varanis

“Rajar, you need to explain to Dormal that goats are unclean.” – Berra
“I draw my dagger and stalk off.” – Dormal

“Berra intends to volunteer for the Temple, because she knows there is a war on.” – Berra

“So anyhow, that’s why Eril told me to take this sack of rocks to Pavis.” – Theoretical Conversation

Questions to Duck

I kept forgetting to meditate. I’m sorry.
Is it bad to pay a ghost to go away, if it results in its death?
Can you take a ghost to court?

2) No.
3) Yeth

What happened when the Sun stopped?
How should you fight a Jack-o-Bear?
Does Friendship end when Death begins?
How can a Humakti be friends with someone without showing preference to them?

1) Bad Thingth
2) Quickly
3) No
4) Hold to truth.

Does the charm to restore dried fruit to fresh count as an undoing? Is it a re-making of Spring?
Does any of Genert’s Garden survive?
How can I separate myself from love?

1) No. Yeth.
2) I don’t know
3) Athk the God

Would the High Sword know? The Iron Lord?

1) Both may. Whose anthwer would you prefer?

If I don’t find both answers, how can I know that?

Is it the usual evening prayer tonight?
Can I borrow your sharpening stone for a moment?
Waaaait. When you said Serala had a fate, you said she had one too. Is there one I could fit into?

1) Yeth.
2) Sure.
3) Everyone hath one.

More than one?

1) Maybe

Where did you get this stone? It’s really good.
Do you want me to grab you something to eat before prayers?
I didn’t meditate yesterday. I couldn’t stay still. Sorry.

1) The stomach of a Thunder Lizard
2) I’m fine.
3) You do not need to apologithe to me

Do you mind if I do?

. o O ( Is he saying I should apologise to myself? )
. o O ( Forgive myself? )
. o O ( Not rely on him? )
. o O ( That I don’t need his forgiveness? That it’s…. ARGH staying still and patient is hard. )

1) No. It’th for you to dethide if my advith is good.

I think it’s the fastest way to get to Humakt. After Fire season settles, can someone talk to me about Death? I need to understand better.

The Duck gives a little grim smile.

1) After Fire Seathon you may be sick of death.