Fragment 2.29 – The Acclaimation in Silence

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 29


When she returned to the city of Sartar
Berra was greeted by silence from Eril
Taking his words as advice for her action
Berra said nothing of Heroes in Boldhome

Sitting to feast with the great and the mighty
Berra was silent until Eril called her
Bowing her head to the thought of his anger
Swaying before him a reed in the river

When she pronounced he was worthy before him
Berra felt joy as a warrior feels it
Not for the glory but for her commander
Swore to fight harder for Eril the Hero

The group reached Boldhome; Berra and the Praxians raced the last part to get to the gates as they closed, and then they went off to the Temple of Air to see Tennebris and tell him they were back. He sent them up to a feast that Kallyr was holding. They got dressed up, and went. Berra was already pre-dressed-up, as she went in armour.

D’Val was at the top of the steps, and gave them the low-down on what had been happening. In return, Berra told him about their adventures in Prax. Then they went into the feast. Xenofos flubbed a line badly, introducing Varanis as a Prince instead of a Thane. Berra did his best to cover for him, and translated when Kallyr threw him a ring to use to buy Heortling lessons. Then she sat down to try to eat as much as possible without trying to look at the top table, and looked at the top table a lot.

Finally, Eril – in a rough robe with the hood up – beckoned her over. He told her that she had aided him, and that would not alter his judgements of her. He seemed pleased, and she went back to her table and relaxed.

“Duck.” – Berra
“He does.” – GM
“That was a respectful greeting and not an instruction my Lord. I’m sorry.” – Berra

“The High Sword is himself again.” – D’Val
“I cannot tell you how pleased I am.” – Berra

“There’s a new goddess in Sartar.” – D’Val

“Not our one then. There’s a new goddess in Prax.” – Berra

“So that’s how quickly the rumour of us being here spread.” – Berra
“Fast enough for him to make it all the way up the stairs to wait.” – Varanis

“The feather doesn’t fall very far from the duck.” – someone who nearly pisses off Berra
intimidate – Berra

“Berra’s getting very excited about all the food.” – Berra

“I miss onions. And garlic.” – Berra

“I do not intend to allow this to alter my judgements of you.” – Eril
“Frankly sir, I’d be disappointed in you if you did.” – Berra

“Berra’s got one sword tied closed, and one that she promises really hard not to draw.” – Berra