Quest Of Eril: Asking Rajar

Berra — Quest Of Eril 04

1627, Sea Season


Sea Season, on the way to Alda Chur. Follows on directly from the last. [[[s02:session-32|Session 32]]]

Spoilers for answer.


The day after Varanis took her dip, Berra takes a tour around those who are travelling across the Donalf Flats. She kneels on her saddle to speak with Rajar, first checking, “How are you? Anything out there?”

Rajar looks content.1Fails Insight (Human) but this probably doesn’t matter.

Berra looks her ordinary self – small and intense.

“We are on the road, with a mission.”

“Yeah.” Berra grins. “And it’s a good one. I got a favour to ask you.”

“Ask by all means.” Rajar is looking around and watching for archers

Berra is doing much the same, and has put herself on Rajar’s outside so he can look over her. Mostly she rides up on the inside of others and watches past them.

“First off, this can’t go further, except to people who already know. It’d be bad if it did.”

Rajar pauses and looks at the small one hard. “Very well.”

Berra says, “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. But I want your help in a Heroquest. Lord Eril’s a hero, and he’s really vunerabble. He needs a Wyter, and I think he’s frankly bricking i… uh, scared he’ll be killed by the Lunars before he’s ready.”

Rajar pauses and looks at the sky. Thinking

“I do not like this man. However he is a powerful enemy of the Lunars. It pays to sharpen your weapons before the fight. Very well I will do this thing for you.”

“Yeah, to be honest I don’t like him either. He’s great and mighty, and also a petty bastard. But he’s a sword for Sartar to use. It’ll be the same one that we did before, but I get to play him because I need to be there at the end. And I want you to be his father. Can you do big and Airy and angry?” She grins.2Passed Loyalty, Specialled Truth…

“Of course!. Yes we should help him. He’ll hate that.”

Berra chuckles. “I’m going to ask D’Val to play Ikadz. Little duck hands all over him. Helping. I…. alright, I shouldn’t laugh, but it just makes me smile. But anyhow, I need to find out more, but it’ll probably be towards the end of Fire Season. I need to ask Lord Silor and him a few things.” She sobers abruptly. “So anyhow, don’t let those words spill out – he’d be really pissed off if he died, and that could happen.”

“May he die with honour surrounded by his foes many years hence.”

Berra nods. “Thanks, big man.” She slips back down into her saddle. “Hope you have children who are scary bastards too.”

He looks a bit shocked at the concept and rides on looking thoughtful

Berra dashes off back up the line on the other side.
Berra asks Rajar to help her in a heroquest

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    Fails Insight (Human) but this probably doesn’t matter.
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    Passed Loyalty, Specialled Truth…