Fragment 2.22 – The Asking of Questions

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 22


Under the cover of blankets of snowfall
Berra lay cold in a trance of Divining
Patient as trolls that watch years in their passing
Finding the form of a question to Humakt

Berra has been attempting to Divine on how to worship Eril, having given up on the idea of actually asking his permission through meeting him now she has the sword and therefore the Blacksmith’s implied permission.

Questions to Duck (Hypothetical edition)

What would you say if you could see me now?

Why do I care?

Would that be because you’ve come here, or because I’ve come home?

Or would it just be a vision?

Would you do that alarmed quack sound?

That funny quack sound?

Lord, I’m far from home. I miss your wisdom. But I’m growing.

Not in the physical way, though. Um, no offence?