Blue Tree Clan

Area, Tribe, Wyter

A clan of the Colymar tribe. Their lands are upstream of the Upland Marsh, along a tributary of the Creek River, Jenath Minar. Their wyter, and the focus of their community, is the Blue Tree, an ancient tree with bark that is either covered by woad, or naturally blue. The tree stands atop a rock which is the most sacred ground on the Tula, but its roots hold on solidly and descend into the rocky earth of the cliff. The Wyter grants spirit magic to its worshippers at some Seasonal Holy Times; River Eyes in Sea Season, Ploughsharp in Earth Season and Repair in Storm Season. It is worshipped at the same time as the god of the river, on his holy days.

The cliff looks across the river towards the Creek, across a flood plain that changes the river’s route regularly, every Sea and Storm season. Most years, the land is fertile and Jenath Minar stays in one place for long enough for there to be a good harvest in the fertile years. No land markings are put down in this place, for the river would carry them away, but the seeds are planted and the harvests brought in by those who do not have their own lands. The river, while a life-giver to many, is also vicious, cold, and wild here.

The clan herds horses, with some young men and women running alongside them rather than riding, gaining the Blue Tree clan a reputation for winning foot races and the fierce guardianship of their herds.

Ruler, Clan Ring, Notable Members

Chief: Dogva Barsson

Wyter Priest: Halaris, uncle of Dogva
Law-giver and precedent-reciter: Gis
Priestess of Ernalda: Doa
Priest of Barntar and Orlanth: Chief Dogva
Initiates of Chalana Arroy: Sosa and Tathia
Initiate of Vinga (ret): Arianatha

Assistant to Initiate of Vinga, who is very nearly 8: Insterla
No Longer Smallest Person in Clan, who has very cute toes and terrible hair: Haran Dostiaragson, aged 1 and a bit.
Smallest Person in Clan: Antoril Finarvisson

Berra Jarang’s Daughter (PC)
Finarvi (PC)
Mellia (PC)
Rajar son of Ranulph (PC)
Serala daughter of Gillae (PC)
Thane Varanis (PC)

Feuds and Relationships

The Lunars granted clan lands to the Malani, including the alynxfish clan to the East. This has potentially been defused by Kallyr granting the lands back, and the hides being used largely to build a temple to Chalana Arroy. The heroism of the adventurers on the Green Fish and Blue Tree Tulas has also been key in reducing tensions.


The Orlanthi culture is strong here, and there is a small temple to Ernalda and a slightly larger one for Barntar. Richer members of the clan maintain shrines to Chalana Arroy and Orlanth Farmer, which also contains an altar dedicated to Vinga. These are open to the rest of the clan, and seen as the fortunate and powerful protecting the Clan in their own way.

Shrines, Temples

  • Barntar
  • Chalana Arroy
  • Ernalda
  • Orlanth
  • Vinga

Clan Description

The Clan is a peaceful one, and suffered badly under the Lunar Invasion, sending many of its orphaned children abroad to live with distant kin. There are fewer young men and women than a clan should have.

Historically, the river has provided as much trade as the roads, with Ducks trading up and down the creeks and tributaries.

Clan Marks, Tattoos, and Taboos

The Clan Mark is a tattoo of a stylised blue tree on a rock, over the abdomen. Water, air and earth are represented as background marks.

Clan members often bear water, air or earth runes, as befits those who live in the protection of a magical tree at the top of a cliff over a river.

Clan members are forbidden from being tattooed in pigment other than woad, and from cutting trees in Sacred Time. They may not tell the name of the Tree, Matharuar, to non Clan members.