Fragment 36 – The Finding of the Goddess

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 36


Held by long bands of the metal of Darkness
Berra was freed by the efforts of friendship
Cast off the last of the bands set upon her
Rose to her feet with the aid of her magic1This seems to infer relying on magic, rather than calling on Humakt, possibly by healing, possibly by some method such as Vigour

Smiting before her with friends at her shoulder
Berra though wounded stood facing the Death Lord
Bloodied the sword she had borrowed to fight him
Bathed it in honour and blood of her troll-foe

Healed by the love of the sweetest of women
Berra found strength to report to Vareena
Warning the band of the traps made in darkness
Showing the way to the tunnel beyond them

First through the way though she crawled in the darkness
Berra was guard for the others behind her
Guiding their path to the place of the Goddess
Finding young Minstar and setting his hopes free

Draznk cast Fear on Varanis, failing to kill her with terror, but demoralising her. Dormal managed to get Berra mostly free, and she freed herself the rest of the way, wounded and swordless. Dormal created a new illusionary broadsword for her to use, and she called on Vigour to get healed enough to stand, if temporarily, and use her left hand to fight. The Telmori were mostly holding off the undead, and the adventurers managed to surround Draznk, and hit him hard enough that even berserk he could not destroy them. Divine Intervention caused the earth to swallow him.

Berra was healed by Mellia, although her right hand and arm were badly hurt, and required Regrow Limb. She was able to tell people what the rest of the cave was like, and where it was trapped and where a tunnel was. They made their way through a low way into a new cave, which lit up as they came in as the young man in there cast Light, showing itself to be lined with crystals, the skull of a goddess. There were teeth there, as well as a few in the outer cave wall, and they had found Minstar.

They went back to Greyrock Fall, where Berra talked to the Chief and the War Leader about Hero Quests, and determined she should at the very least talk to more people in Wilmskirk.

“I’m attempting to inspire myself with movement – to be able to actually move. And to make my sword better.” – Berra

“Berra’s getting in the way of Rajar, just in case bad things happen.” – Berra

“Berra’s being held together by magic.” – Berra

“Is Berra a candidate for regrow limb?”- Mellia
“Yep.” – Berra

“Berra picks up Wind Tooth.” – Berra
“And cuddles it.” – Berra

“Berra is looking for any current danger in here.” – Berra

“Still, you’re alive.” – D’Val, still dishevelled from travel
@@*@@lipwobble@@*@@ – Berra

“Still wondering what exactly the troll was seeking to accomplish here…” – Xenofos
“Berra looks at Xenofos, and goes over there.” – Co-GM

“Berra will be in conversation with D’Val for a while.” – Berra

nothing yet

not even one about whether there is any food left

on the road there is not a small smile every time Berra sees D’Val in charge of a bison

after Temple nobody asks about tomorrow

the initiate sleeping outside D’Val’s room does not ask if he feels like breakfast when he comes for breakfast

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    This seems to infer relying on magic, rather than calling on Humakt, possibly by healing, possibly by some method such as Vigour