Fragment 2.33 – The Prayer to Eril

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 33


Seeking the path that her feet could not take her
Berra appealed to the Hero of Boldhome
Asking the thing that was weakest within her
Seeking to warn him away from her weakness

Following who they hoped would be the Feathered Horse Queen, the group was passing through the shadow of Kero Fin itself when they found the way blocked by an avalanche, and a group of shepherds and a couple of Esrolians with their tracker. The oldest of the shepherds said that the spirit of the pass must be angry, and the group discussed dealing with it. Talks were cut short by the arrival of a Storm Bull who decreed there was Chaos about. He should have been bodyguarding the Esrolian Sage, but instead he gave back the hire money and went with the group up the mountain. They began clambering up a path, but were attacked by rocks. They seemed to be alive and with a mud-based skin, and were very hard to kill because they enveloped weapons. However, Valseena sang to them, and the mountain, and the mountain responded and the attacks stopped. Even the warring Air elementals further up were not a problem. They spoke to the spirit of the cliff, and went on to fight Chaos in a cave – the floor was made of mud criitters that also tried to eat them.

Berra demonstrated that Fireblade was equal to the situation. Also, it was made of fire, so it did not get stuck in things. However, she had to lend Wind Tooth to Rurik, a Malani who had joined them, and knew her clan a little.

Hearing action, they piled into the next room where the Esrolian Sage was removing a large glowing rock from a circle of pillars. He refused to stop even though the Storm Bulls demanded it, and Broulf attacked him. Berra ran for the tracker, but when Broulf went down to magic, jinked to attack the Sage instead. At first her attacks bounced off his magical shielding, but then she burst through it to stab him through the heart – and he disappeared, swept away by Divine Intervention.