Sartar Season 2

Sartarite Blue

S02 — Session 6, 1626, Earth Season, Death Week, Clay Day; a Holy Day of Humakt: Mellia, Xenofos, and Dormal attend a party. Venlar steals Mellia and excitement ensues. Rajar Rajars.

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Ducking Out

S02 — Session 13, 1626, Earth Season, Stasis Week, Godday Eve to Noon: Mellia tries to share intel with the Hultas, but they are rude. Kesten tries to challenge Berra, but she is rude. Everyone runs away to an island in search of Lenta.

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S02 — Session 15, 1626, Earth Season, Stasis Week, Godday: Still on the little island, Irillo finds a mad Wyter and others find Agri Hulta. Returning to Nochet, they find lackeys with swords in a warehouse. Lenta is rescued at last.

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Black Duck Down

S02 — Session 17, 1626, Earth Season, Movement Week, around Fire Day to Illusion Week, around Freeze Day: The Blue Tree delegation are held for ransom and Grandmother Saiciae preempts the rescue attempt by paying the ransoms. Berra and Kesten have their duel.

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Tails, they Lose

S02 — Session 20, 1626, Dark Season, Wildday of Disorder Week to Waterday of Death Week: Our heroes get invited to go visit the Straw Weavers so Rajar can contemplate marriage. Once there, they find themselves invited to help Ehrehta with what turns out to be a multi-limbed problem.

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S’no Storm

S02 — Session 21, 1626, Dark Season, Death Week, Wildday Eve: Nala paid a visit to Argrath. The Great Khan was a little off. Erhehta happened to several of the heroes while they were visiting the Straw Weavers.

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Rune Messiah

S02 — Session 26, 1626, Storm Season, Harmony Week: Our heroes are en route to the Paps when they get caught in a flash flood. Varanis nearly drowned, but was rescued by Suuraki. There was a surprise crocodile.

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Wedding Daze

S02 — Session 28, Storm Season, Stasis Week, Fireday to Freezeday(ish): A bit of a mad night at the Block, celebrating Storm Bull. Later there was a conversation where Rajar and Varanis almost came to blows.

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S02 — Session 30, 1626, Sacred Time to 1627, Sea Season: News arrives that Varanis’ sister vanished. Varanis chooses Sartar. Nala deals with an ornery shaman. Rajar throws a feast.

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S02 — Session 31, 1627, Storm Season, Disorder Week to Harmony Week (ending around Waterday): En route to find the Feathered Horse Queen, our heroes encounter evidence of raiding and Lunar trouble-making. And then there’s a troll.

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Swim Roles

S02 — Session 32, 1627, Sea Season, Harmony Week, Water Day to early Death Week, maybe? When our heroes reach Dangerford, Irillo buys Varanis a horse. Fish, the new horse, tries to drown her. Reaching Alda Chur, they learn that Argrath has moved in.

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Whose Queen?

S02 — Session 37, 1627, Sea Season, Fertility Week: Rajar discovers that everyone is dead. It’s Fish the Horse’s fault, of course. Also, they finally found the Feathered Horse Queen.

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Seeder Forest

S02 — Session 38, 1627, Sea Season, Fertility Week, Windsday to Movement Week, Clayday: A trippy trip including dragonnewts and a strange Lunar colony surrounded by red mist.

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Small Sword

S02 — Session 40, 1627, End of Sea Season: News of Mirava and Fazzur’s impending marriage reaches Boldhome. Kallyr is unhappy. Our heroes are sent back to Tarsh to try to “rescue” Mirava, passing through Duck Point.

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S02 — Session 42, 1627, Fire Season, Disorder Week, Clayday to Harmony Week, Wildday: Our heroes find Mirava and are set to rescue her. She’s not interested, having made plans of her own. They make it to Nochet in time for Mellia’s wedding, only Grandmother has other plans too.

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Decent Proposal

S02 — Session 46, 1627, Earth Season: Under orders from Kallyr, the Esrolian Free Company went in search of Argrath to offer their services. En route, they deal with some bandits. Argrath makes a claim and negotiations begin.

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Scribal Error

S02 — Session 48, 1627, Earth Season, second half of Harmony Week: Xenofos essentially hands himself over as prisoner to King Stark, making negotiations more entertaining for the others.

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Drinking Song

S02 — Session 49, 1627, Earth Season: Negotiations continue. Rajar impresses all with his capacity for alcohol. The Esrolian Free Company is attacked while the party is away.

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