Fragment 2.13 – The Refusal of Honour

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 13


Dawn came with fire hidden far beyond Orlanth
Misty and wind-strewn with breath from Magasta
There at the gate of the House of Saiciae
Kesten came calling and bringing the duel-staves

Honour called Berra from left and from right then
Fight for her name or be marked as a coward
Pass up the blood of the Hulta to save it
Walk out with Kesten or run out to Lenta

Word she sent down to the street where he waited
He must wait on for she searched for his cousin
She would not pause lest she fail in his errand
Held him to shame for his eagerness coming

Then with the grimness of Humakt about her
Berra walked on past the Temple of Vinga
Leaving Vareena to question her Goddess
Striding ahead to meet choppy Magasta

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