Fragment 2.50 – The City Raid

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 50


Scout she had been in the wars of the wheat-fields1The Esrolian plains
Small although fierce she had learned to be silent
Moving on foot like a hunter on hoof-track
Ghost in the darkness and hidden in daylight

Now in the lands that were Sartar held falsely
Prisoned by Lunars who sat in the city
Riding with Berra was healer Valseena
Bison tribe woman who loved all the tribesmen2Lit ‘was noted for her generosity’

Ordered by Venna as Berra once had been3Garin utterly rejects the conjecture that Valseena is the younger self of Berra
Thus did the rider of bisons seek danger
Seeking to enter the city before them
Seeking to enter the Far-Place by moonlight

Creeping with Berra beside her for guidance
Climbing the walls went Valseena in silence
Guarded on left by the sword of the Saiciae
Guarded on right by the Dagger of Humakt

Walking the city as if they belonged there
Spying in danger and laughing in concert
Berra held guard while the pride of the Bisons
Spoke with the horses of Cavalry Lunars

Last as they left for they sent her before them
Berra jumped down from the walls with Varanis
Landing within the cold river below them
Safe from their arrows it carried them onward

Valseena and Berra reported that there had been ORDERS to the rest of the group, and they planned how to get into Alda Chur. In the end Xenofos caused a distraction running away from a group of Praxians, and calling for the gate to be open, while Valseena, Berra and Varanis crept in over the wall. Varanis and Berra climbed, with Varanis also helping Valseena by casting flight on her, and controlling it. They were lucky in sneaking over, although Varanis made a tiny bit of noise and Berra had to freeze while people looked. They descended into the marketplace, and from there did a tour of Alda Chur. Berra noted all of the details she could about the numbers of people in the city, including that there were people sleeping in the streets.
They found some good horses to talk to, and Valseena learned that while they were a little out of condition, there was enough food. When it was almost dawn, and nearly time to leave, Valseena managed to persuade one of the horses to kick up a fuss by scaring it, and that drew attention away from the walls. It also gave a signal to Rajar who was waiting for that or the right time. Some volunteer Bison riders under Rajar buzzed the eastern wall, while the others crept away and back over the wall, flying Valseena down once more and then climbing themselves. They could not swim the river, but went a little downstream, where Berra used a flameblade and shouted abuse at the city for a bit, to tell her friends where they were. Suuraki picked them up on his High Llama.

“Berra is looking very bouncy and happy.” – Berra
“Somebody threw a war and she got invited!” – Rajar

“Maybe you’ll get lucky. (But not with Berra.)” – Berra GM

  • 1
    The Esrolian plains
  • 2
    Lit ‘was noted for her generosity’
  • 3
    Garin utterly rejects the conjecture that Valseena is the younger self of Berra