Before the Debrief: Eril’s Version

“Lord D’Val, could you wait a moment? I just gotta ask the High Sword something.”

“You invite a Rune Lord along to keep him waiting, initiate?”

“Uh… so. You should know, High One, I have had a really really bad time out there and just this once I don’t need your guidance in formal behaviour. That’s the first thing.”

A curious look. No immediate punishment.

“And the second… I need to know because I need to think about this even as I talk. What’s… how sure are you that this Heroquest takes in all of Sartar?”

“I have little confidence in any result architected by Jar-eel.”

“My thanks, Lord.”

“Get the door. You are keeping him waiting.”

Remonstrate with-


That was an insult to-

It was Truth. She speaks nothing else, once you remove the extraneous. Her tone was not a challenge.

You have previously-

Athanu, enough. Question later if you are not satisfied.