Fragment 3.4 – The Judgement of Honour

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 3 4


Climbing the mountain and meeting the dragon
Berra kept in her the precepts of honour
When she returned with the egg of the river
Honour came with her and Harmony also

Many who saw made a claim to the riiver
Xenofos took it and Berra defended
Argued her case with the nameless Humakti
Called for the justice of Leika above them

There in the court she proposed her an answer
Blood flowed like water and water shall pay it
Let the beak-money be paid for in water
Give them the river to wash out the blood-stain

Thus were her words heard by Leika and Nameless
Torograi sang them with ducks in his chorus
Leika gave judgement to Berra’s decision
Thus did the duck-friend bring honour to Leika

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