Meditations on Calmness

1625, Earth Season


In Session 1.13 a Lunar Rune Master caused Berra to lose her temper and draw her sword within the confines of a market spell.

Lift Foot

So, that Lunar wanted to cause me to draw. Me, or someone. He was after violence. He wanted us to be in the wrong, so he could profit. But I cannot fail to defend someone. I thought he might kill me and did not care. To stand between a merchant and a thief is the right thing to do.

Only he used that. Should I be angry? I am angry. But that is not how I will react. That is how I feel. How should I react?

Swing Through

It is fine to wait and see. I can step in front of a blade when it is drawn, not when it is threatened. Like the calm of D’Val. It is put on with effort and then it becomes real.

. o O ( << Just maybe he did not want an outsider to see that argument. >> )

Focus, Berra. Here is a rock in the river. I do not have to go either way around. I can build up slowly and pour over. No instant step forward, no vile, cowardly standing down. Waiting is allowed.

I hate waiting.

. o O ( Duck Point Accent: so whadt? )

So, I need to get better at waiting. The river floods in two seasons, waits in three.


Better at waiting. That does not mean stasis, it means preparing for change.