VS 139 Burning the Candle: Fire Sword

Varanis — 1626 0808 Candle16

????, Earth Season, Season/Fertility Week


Earth Season/Fertility Week/Fireday [[[s02:session-7|Session 7]]]
Temple of Humakt


On Fireday, the last day that Berra is due at the Temple, she lets Varanis know she might be late out, and to order a guard. She has, over the past week, become more calm and more detached, eating less and less each day, and this morning she is fasting, and her eyes are dark in the pre-dawn glimmering. Instead of a shield, she has two swords on, and a backpack slung over her shoulders. Her voice is distant, like she is listening to a far-off sound.
Varanis is ready to go to the Temple early. It’s her last day.

On the way, Berra has the usual alertness of a warrior, but is not talkative. Her calm has a strange grimness to it, and sometimes it seems that her hair is long and black, although a moment later that is always just shadows.

Varanis is oddly wound up. Not calm at all, but jittery and on edge.1Two cups of ‘tea’ this morning.

At the entrance to the Temple, Berra says, “Go with the God, and find Separation.” It could sound like ‘go to hell’, and in her current tone of voice, it rather does.

Varanis simply nods, straightens her spine, and steps in for the last day.

There is no need for Berra to make her backbone bronze. She walks in like she is the God.

This is the day Varanis finally learns to set her sword ablaze. When the day is done, she is exhausted but jubilant. On the back of her right hand she has a Fire rune surrounded by 4 Air runes, all tattooed in woad.

As it turns out, Berra is out on time, with blue-black ash on her face and hands, in Death and Truth Runes. However, shortly afterwards, she is off to Wildday worship, with only a brief congratulation, followed by the sound of running feet as she departs, almost late.

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    Two cups of ‘tea’ this morning.