Talk of Marriage

1627, Sea Season, Disorder Week


Sea Season, Disorder Week, Windsday TrollLOLOL
Day 3 of the trip to Alda Chur.


On second day on the road, Xenofos takes his zebra close to Varanis and nods.

She smiles in welcome. Zukko eyes the other zebra with interest, picking up his feet a little more, though not quite prancing.

“How are you feeling, cousin?”

Varanis glances at him, then shrugs, turning her gaze back to the road ahead. “I don’t know, to be honest. This seemed like a good idea when I first brought it to Tennebris, but now?”

Xenofos looks at neck of his zebra.1And Xenofos fails truth, while passing both love Berra and loyalty Varanis… So Varanis taking the discussion to different path is a relief. “You suggested this mission?”

“Berra brought the idea to me, and I carried it to Tennebris.”

“Right…. D’Val mentioned it way back, if I remember correctly…”

“Perhaps. It is customary for the rulers of Dragon Pass to marry the Feathered Horse Queen, so forging this bond will strengthen Kallyr’s position. And as her kinswoman, I am a good representative. I just wish I felt better prepared.” It doesn’t take any special insight to hear the worry in her voice now.

“I think it goes beyond that. If one is to be king of Dragon Pass, one must court and marry Feathered Horse Queen. Like Sartar did. But also kings of Tarsh on occasion.” He sounds serious, but perhaps oddly relieved. “So if you can help Kallyr in this, it is as vital to her as aiding her lit the flame of Sartar.”

“Indeed.” She looks at him sharply. “You aren’t really telling me anything I don’t know, Xeno.”

“Sorry” he shrugs “that difference would have been noted by my tutors if I had written it.” He looks ahead and seems to ponder for a bit. “Unless you have some secret instructions, this sounds relatively straightforward. Prince of Sartar – for she has not yet fulfilled the Quest of the King as far as I know – suggests marriage to Feathered Horse Queen.”

“She lit the Flame, Xeno. She’s king by right now.”

“Not crowned yet, though?”

“No. But the marriage to the Feathered Horse Queen should ensure it,” Varanis points out.

“It could do that…” He nods. “If she is convinced Kallyr will be crowned eventually.”

“As she should be. She lit the Flame. She is Prince of Sartar.” Varanis doesn’t see any reason for doubt.2Special on Loyalty Kallyr.

“Quite. The prince. And it should be the king. But, they do not seem to get her crowned. I thought Sacred time…”

Varanis glares at Xenofos. “It’s just politics.”

“Just politics? What else you suggest the marriage of the prince is, Varanis? ” he looks back undaunted. “And the queen might prefer to marry the crowned king of Sartar.”

“Well, there currently isn’t one,” the Vingan points out.

“Quite so… But there could be one after waiting a bit.” Xenofos looks northwest. “There is a crowned king of Tarsh… But this queen should be unlikely to look in that direction.”

“Do you know much about her?”

“Not really. She succeeded a Lunar-friendly Queen assassinated by her own Humakti bodyguards.” He looks briefly around before continuing, “So I think it is safe to assume she leans other way.”

“Serala wouldn’t follow her were it otherwise.”

Xenofos shrugs. “Even so, being against Lunars does not mean she is for Kallyr. I would expect her to be for Grazelands first and last.”

“Of course. Any good leader should put her people first.”

He nods. “So she may ask how it is in the interests of Grazelanders for her to throw her lot with Kallyr?”

“She gets a worthy spouse. She becomes queen of Dragon Pass, not just the Grazelands. Once the Lunars are dealt with, she’ll get stable trade for her people.” Varanis thinks. “There’s probably more, but I need to think on it.”

He looks a bit hesitant. “You sound so confident… May it be as you said.”

“I hope so, Xeno. I really do,” she replies softly.

“Hope is quite a lot, Ranie.” He looks around “And your conviction may be more eloquent than arguments of some scheming priests.” His voice trails off as he looks away from Varanis.3X: just failed a pow 5 roll, Varanis might spot something is amiss, but since she already failed insight.
V: Checked and she failed again. Substantially – 83
He sighs softly and rides away.4He is relieved about not asking stuff he came to ask, because he failed truth. But not knowing the answer either.