News and Olds

1629, Sea Season, The pre-dawn after the wine party


At the Bison and Three Sticks. Session SA4.16.


Raven has a lot of stories as well. Silor once threw a mann through a wall. His punch can fell a horse. His shout can be heard a mile away in good weather, but the only part one could hear was an obscenity…

One of the triplets has gone to Storm Bull. It’s a bit surprising in some ways. Oh… and Yamia’s child is causing a stir. I should tell you about this one, so you can decide whether or not Eril needs to know, Varanis says.

Tell all, Raven implores. I have met them so seldom.

So she tells him about the triplets. Everything she knows, barring some personal details about one in particular. It’s possible Raven will sense she’s holding back on that.

Harmast sounds like you have history, is all he notes. But Yamia seems to be more dedicated to Humakt than I was at her age… I could talk to Irillo, of course.

You might want to. Or to Yamia. Actually… have you not met Yamia yet?

She has attended the Temple, but we did not talk socially. Raven almost-sighs. Dezar says, HE WILL SLEEP SOON HE IS YAWNING. I was going to speak to her, but Lady Berra could not leave the Temple. It was the end of Sacred Time.

Ah, yes. Well, Tamakt is precocious and warrants watching. I know Yamia feels her place is with her brother, and Tamakt definitely needs his mother, but… something may need to shift.

Have you considered offering her someone who can train him better? Raven is probably spitballing.

Berra turns over in her sleep. That is unusual. She tends to be very wriggly, or not at all, and this is just a bit wriggly.


Does he have time? I do not know who it would be, but she will have to see an improvement, not a theft.

Varanis considers, yawning. He doesn’t have time. Nor can I imagine him having the patience. And a babe should be with his mother. As soon as she says it, she winces. If that mother is capable and desiring of motherhood, she adds.

A village should raise a child, Lord Raven replies.

Berra settles down to sleep again. WIGGLE YOUR TAIL THEN POUNCE HER!

Even one such as Tamakt? Varanis imagines pouncing on Berra, hoping it will satisfy the alynx.


Please do not pounce on my priest, Raven says. You are being loud about it.

Dezar hisses.

Varanis snorts. What if she enjoys it?

I do not believe she would, he replies. But perhaps we could wake her.

Varanis yawns again. I ought not to. She needs sleep.

Then sleep. Thank you for the conversation. Ask Silor about the time he vaulted the palisade and got stuck.

She laughs, trying to smother it with a hand. I will enjoy imagining his indignity until I can hear about it first hand.

Varanis lays the sword carefully beside Berra before flopping onto her sleeping hides.

She stares at the ceiling. Yawns. Stares. Flops. Grumbles. Stares through the darkness at Berra.

Berra sleeps calmly, her hand on Wind Tooth.

Eventually, the Vingan’s eyes drift shut and her breathing slows. She probably gets a few hours of rest before she jolts awake with a yelp, hand scrabbling for her hilt.

Berra murmurs and turns over in her sleep.

WHAT WAS IT? Dezar asks.

Chaos, Varanis replies. In my dreams again.



She clambers to her feet and pulls a tunic on. I am too, but I think it’s just in my head, little one. Maybe we should fly? See if we can see anything.

YES LET US. He sounds sad about the Chaos and fear.

Varanis checks to ensure Berra is still sleeping, then quietly unlatches the window. One last glance as she prepares to launch herself skyward. She’ll be fine.


Dezar is excited despite having been on the wing for a week. He liked spotting birds from above.

And fly she does. The sky has turned the pre-dawn blue. Still dark, but with the promise of light. It is an escape.