Varanis, Where are your clothes?

1626, Storm Season, Movement Week, Clayday


Temple of Uleria. Some time after Session 2.29 (Back and There Again).

Follows immediately from/overlaps with Broken Reed.


As the Vingan rushes through the halls of temple of Uleria with tears in her eyes, she is greeted by warm, melodious voice. “Your body is clean I see. Are you now seeking other blessings of Mistress, Varanis?”

The Vingan looks to the priestess. Tears stream down her face. She tries to speak, but chokes on a sob instead.

Dorasa embraces her and holds her tight. “Love is cruel sometimes, Varanis.”

Varanis sobs, broken and breathless. “I hurt him so much,” she manages to get out. “He’ll never forgive me.” Heedless of her nakedness, she clings to the priestess.

“Uleria knows why,” she comforts her both with her words, tone and embrace.

Varanis allows herself to cry for several minutes, then pulling herself together with visible effort, she steps free and dashes away the tears with the back of her hand. She glances down at herself. “It seems I need your aid, Holy One,” she says, attempting a smile. “I left my clothing in the bathing room.”

“That is little matter and easily aided. Did you leave something else, Varanis?”

She looks confused. “Clothing, jewellery, rapier… dignity… I think that is everything.” She searches Dorasa’s face, trying to understand.

“Your cousin, Varanis…” she smiles. “The Goddess will take care of him as She sees fit, but what do you wish to happen to him.”

Varanis swallows. “I want him to heal. Or at least to start to. He is in so much pain and he punishes himself for it. Can She ease that for him?” Her gaze is pleading. “I will give the Temple anything within my power to give if you can help him.”

Dorasa looks at Vingan. “She is Love. He has been drawn here before. But she works in ways that are mystery even to Her followers. He can find rest here. If he accepts it.”

“He is amazingly stubborn,” Varanis mutters.

“Many are before they yield to the Goddess.” She looks at her. “It is a hard realization that before Goddes we are all naked, bare with all our weakness and uncertainty and no less loved by Her.”

Varanis nods mutely.

“I can not see what is in his future, but I think you did the right thing Varanis.” Brown eyes with golden speckles bore into the Vingan. “May Uleria let her face shine on you, and may you be blessed by the Great Mistress.”

Varanis leaves the Temple fully clothed and made presentable. Dorasa loaned her one of the Temple’s guards to escort her to the White Grape, so that she wouldn’t be forsworn on her promise to Xenofos. Before she vanishes into the Temple of Orlanth, she makes arrangements for a sizable donation to Uleria.