VS 209 Information

Varanis — 1626 0946 Information

????, Storm Season, Disorder Week


Storm Season, Disorder Week, Clay Day. After [[[s02:session-24|Session 24]]].
Straw Weaver Bison Camp, somewhere in Prax.

Varanis is wondering if her prisoner’s ransom will cover the cost of a war bison for Rajar. She investigates the options.

Follows on from [http:journeyoftheheroes.wikidot.com/varanis:1626-0944-inquiry Inquiry].


Varanis comes looking for Dalena, after talking to the khan. She’s taken the time to put on dry clothing, her bronze armour, as the other is soaked, and a borrowed bison hide cloak.

Dalena is wearing working clothing. She is with her herd, scraping mud from the hoof of a bison. “How may I help you?”

“May the Herd Mother smile on you, lady,” Varanis says carefully in Praxian. “Do you speak Tradetalk?//

Dalena carefully replies, “I can speak Tradetalk.””

With a grateful smile, Varanis switches into Tradetalk. “I have a prisoner. He says his ransom is worth 30 impalas.”

Dalena thinks for a minute. “Maybe worth 10 bison.”

“What if it was a war bison?” Varanis asks.

Dalena thinks again. “Two, maybe three war bison. “

This gets a satisfied smile from the Vingan. “I only need one. Do you have trained war bison here?”

“Do you want a strong war bison or a swift war bison?”

“The bison is not for me. I want Rajar to be able to choose his own, but I want the prisoner’s ransom to cover the costs. He doesn’t need to know that’s what we’ve done unless he asks. I’m not asking you to lie. I just don’t want to make a spectacle of it. Do you understand?”

Dalena looks like she’s confused. “Majaro had Billy. Strong war bison. Several good calves. Take a year. One almost trained but promised. If you want that one, must talk to khan and give gifts.”

“Rajar needs a bison now,” Varanis points out. “Is there only one?”

“Nameer Redarrow has swift bison almost trained. That bison also promised. All trained war bison have owners already.”

The Vingan frowns. “What do you suggest?”

“Go to the Khan. Ask him to ask for almost trained bison. It will cost you, but not more than ten bison.”

This gets a thoughtful look. “Well, I had hoped to do this and have Rajar have choices without making him feel like there was further debt. But I will not make a decision like this without talking to him. Thank you for your advice. I will consider my options.

Dalena nods. “Glad to help friend of Rajar.”