VS 063 Checking In

Varanis — 1626 0710 Checking In

????, Fire Season, Movement Week


Fire Season, Movement Week, Clayday [[[s01:session-40|Session 40]]]

There’s been a skirmish and Varanis is checking in with people afterwards.



After the fighting is over, Varanis comes looking for Xenofos. Her helmet is off and her expression is worried.

He sees her approaching. “Yes, cousin?”

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Xenofos smiles in return. His reply is quiet and comes a bit late “Likewise cousin, likewise.”


This conversation can be found on [http://journeyoftheheroes.wikidot.com/berra:on-the-road-03 Berra’s page]


Varanis approaches Irillo, as the party begins to make preparations to get moving again. “Irillo, are you alright?” she asks with a worried look.

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Varanis looks at him seriously. “May the Gods smile on you then, cousin. And may we resolve this quest quickly so that your head can be your own again.” With that, she gives him a little wave and returns to her place in the rear guard.


After the party gets moving again, Varanis brings Doqeia close enough to Dormal to talk without need to raise her voice. “You are unharmed?” she asks.

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He nods again, and looks thoughtfully off into the distance.