VS 049 Negotiations

Varanis — 1626 0680 Negotiations

????, Fire Season


Fire Season, back in Nochet after the aborted trip to Rhigos [[[s01:session-34|After Session 34]]]


Back at House Saiciae, after returning from the aborted trip to Rhigos, Varanis seeks out Dormal. She eventually finds him in quite a large, well-appointed room in one of the swankier parts of the palazzo.

“Dormal?” Varanis calls from the hallway without entering the room. “May I come in?”

He looks up. “I suppose you may.”

She steps in. She’s dressed more in a man’s fashion than a woman’s but looks more Esrolian than Sartarite today. “I need your help,” she says directly.

He takes a sip of wine. “That must be a bitter pill to swallow.”

Show Conversation – SPOILERS!!!!

“Acceptable, I suppose.” His answer is curt. “When do we leave? I need to buy armour.”

“Is tomorrow too soon?”

He shrugs. “Probably not, if I get started now.”

Varanis nods and leaves him to his preparations.

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    Dormal rolls on insight and passes. ((insight: She’s pretty much in all out truth mode right now, and may not have answers to those questions. She also seems to be completely willing to accept him as family in spite of fully believing that he is Eurmali.))
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    Varanis also passes insight. ((insight – is dealing with you as an outsider to the clan – does not trust you))