In Argrath’s Camp 4

1627, Earth Season, Disorder Week


After Berra and Varanis had had their fistfight with the Praxians. Session Charges May Apply


In the evening after the fistfight Xenofos leaves the prisoners and looks for Varanis around the Esrolian camp.

Varanis is not visible amongst the tents, nor is she in her own. There’s a guard from the Golds standing outside her tent. “Good evening, Lord Xenofos. Are you looking for Lady Varanis? Or the Healer? Or Lady Lenta?”

“Lady Varanis,” the scribe says softly.

“She usually walks all the perimeter guard posts at about this time. Checks in with people. She remembered my name, when she talked to me last night.” He has a bit of a smile as he adds the last.

The scribe nods. “Has she been gone for long? Or rather do you expect her to return soon?”

The young warrior shakes his head. “She tends to stay out late. She’s pretty predictable though. By now, she should be around the eastern side of the camp.”

The scribe nods again “Very well. If she appears early tell her I was looking for her.” After giving the tent an appraising look, Xenofos turns and goes looking for his cousin in the eastern edge of camp.

It doesn’t take long for him to find his cousin. She is approximately where he was told to expect her.1Too predictable. Not enough caution. She’s having a quiet conversation with a couple of infantry – clearly the guards assigned to this post.

Xenofos approaches the small group greeting with a wave of his hand.

Varanis doesn’t see him approach, but the infantry do and one raises a hand in reply. This gets the Vingan’s attention. With a light touch on the warriors’ shoulders, she takes her leave of them and moves to intercept her cousin. “Xeno. How are you feeling?” She’s come out without her helmet, which makes it easy to see that she’s tired underneath her welcoming smile. She brushes her hair back out of her eyes, a movement that draws his attention again to her bruised and raw knuckles.

“Milady… Ranie… Pretty raw actually.” Scholar looks at Varanis “You?”

She shrugs. “I’m fine. I always am, sooner or later.” Then she frowns and admits, “Angry still…”

He looks at her knuckles and nods. “I don’t know… ” Xenofos says and does not finish his sentence. “But there are matters to take care of. Have you sent the Tovtaros a message?”

“No. I was trying to see Argrath or Venna before. But they won’t see me right now. I may just send the message tomorrow anyway.”

Xenofos nods. “What will you tell them milady?” Voice of the scholar is tense. He is trying to be politely cool, but Varanis can hear he is really on the edge.

She sighs and glances around to be sure that they aren’t where they will be easily overheard. “I was hoping that Orlanth would guide me, but like Venna and Argrath, it seems he is not speaking to me now.”

“What does your honour tell you?” Xenofos comes a bit closer when he asks that.

“That despite what Venna says, it was murder. And he was under my protection.”

Xenofos does not answer to that with words, but his shoulders relax as he slowly breathes out and nods. After a silence of a short while he asks “Will you offer weregild?”

“Yes. I was counting on that money to buy food for the troops, but it was money we didn’t have a few days ago anyway and there’s still the ransoms for the others.” Varanis looks worried. “We’re low on food. Might need to start cutting back rations by next week.”

Xenofos blinks couple of times. “Quite. Would you let me take the message to the Tovtaros?”

She considers. “You know the risks? They may be very angry. It could be a highly dangerous situation to walk into.”

He nods. “I know. And it scares me. But it would also show your resolve and good faith. And I called that charge where he was taken, I gave him my name when I accepted his surrender.” He shrugs “Besides I am worth the same amount as he.”

She shudders. “Let me sleep on it, but plan to travel in the morning, just in case. You’ll go with guards, if you go, so think about who you want to take.”

“Thank you Varanis. I could take two or three of the Greens if you can spare them?”

“Three. Or even five.” She scowls into the growing darkness. “I need to finish my rounds. You can join me, or head pack to pack.”

“I will join you.” He glances towards the place where Berra’s bison is.

She nods and proceeds on her route.

  • 1
    Too predictable. Not enough caution.