Back2Life, Back2Reality

Session 3.23

1628, Fire Season, Movement Week, Freeze Day

Dramatis Personae




Someone chasing Koraki
Someone else chasing Koraki
Someone who is definitely not Koraki, nope
A nameless but very Kingly beggar


Flashback – Dormal and Varanis talked about him visiting Mirava and after a brief moment of tension, she asked Xenofos to help her with a letter. In the meantime, Irillo gave Dormal a cover story in case he was questioned along the way.  Berra and Xenofos both separately told him what to expect on the road.

Shortly after returning to the area where the Grazelanders were patrolling, Berra and some of the others spotted a large signal fire. They came upon Suuraki, who was staring into “trackless wastes” in completely the wrong direction. With Valseena finally reunited with her husband the pair were left alone to discuss their next steps. On Valseena’s insistence. Ultimately, they decided to return to Sartar because Suuraki had unfinished business with regards to the Goddess of Teeth and Salt.


After arriving in Alda Chur and setting up at the same inn they had used previously (the one marked with the sign of an upside down pheasant, Suuraki and Valseena disappeared upstairs and weren’t seen again until the next morning.1They were heard, just not seen.

Varanis and Xenofos went to the Temple of Uleria for baths, after which Varanis made her own way to the Air Temple. There she prayed for a time before returning to the inn.

Berra talked about the military situation at the Temple of Humakt, helping to rearrange pieces on a large mosaic map. The Sword of Humakt  with whom she spoke said that he’d take that report up to Gallem, who would likely take it to the king.

Berra arrived back at the inn to find a resigned Humakti bodyguard and a “mysterious cloaked stranger”2Koraki. After commiserating with the bodyguard and telling him that he could get some relief by obeying orders *exactly*, Berra turned to the mysterious yet kingly stranger.  She explained that her news might be bigger than the inn and he had his bodyguard clear the place out.  Berra helped, pointing out that there were two Humakti here who wanted the inn empty, and even telling the innkeeper to go outside.  Koraki tipped him handsomely.

Berra explained that Jar-eel had been doing the running of the Quest, and the old Red Emperor was back.  Just as she hit that moment, Varanis arrived and was given entrance. Berra briefed Koraki while they all drank3Really, about the only way to make it through that briefing. Eril may need the same.. After hearing the report, Koraki reckoned there would be about a year of grace.  Maybe even five.  Someone began to knock at the door and Berra told Gallem, by name, to wait – before finding out who it was. Amazingly, he did. She then told Koraki that Jar-eel might just kill the other Emperor, before he had to face the briefing. Berra invited Gallem in and as he greeted her, Koraki slipped out the back door, beginning what was to be a comical night of alynx and mouse throughout Alda Chur as the king’s people tried to track him down.

Meanwhile, Xenofos had made his way to the Library and attempted to pray.4Critical Worship roll. All the torches and light sources within the Library came alight and Xenofos was flooded with new knowledge such that he was overcome and fainted. The Sages were astounded by the miracle, but also knew that their colleague was in need of care and summoned the White Ladies who had him brought to the hospital for care and observation.  The healers banned the scribes from the hospital.

When Xenofos did not return as expected, Berra and Varanis sent a runner to enquire at both of his temples. The youth returned a while later with news of a miracle at the Library and that Xenofos was at the Temple of Chalana Arroy. Varanis decided that she needed to go check on him immediately and Berra came for her protection. They encountered a torchlit mob in the street who were searching for the king. After confirming that neither of the women was who they were looking for, the mob continued their hunt.

In his room, Xenofos was muttering strange things in Esrolian about rat udders and things of a similar nature. Varanis called for a stool (eventually a chair was brought) and she asked Berra to return to the inn for when Suuraki and Valseena emerged. The Vingan was staying the night. It was a night disturbed by strange ramblings, but she managed some sleep.

Berra left, telling Varanis she would be back in the morning, and went back to the Sign of the Upside-Down Pheasant.  Suuraki and Valseena were still celebrating their love, but did eventually quieten down.  Later even than that, with a band of people about two minutes behind him, Koraki wandered in through the back door and out through the front, looking very pleased about it.  In the morning, she told them where people were, and they packed and set off, taking food and animals for those not present.

The chief librarian wanted to talk to Xenofos, who didn’t tell her anything significant.  They left with the High Healer twisting her arm for cash for looking after her scribes all night, in exactly the same way he had persuaded Xenofos to make a donation.

On the way out of Alda Chur, they saw a beggar who was almost certainly secretly a King.  Berra tipped him a bolg.

The ride back home was free of drama, save for a brief vision; Suuraki, seeing a white llama on the horizon, mistook it for a white bear.  This was all the more interesting as he did not know what a bear was, and had to explain.  There was then a short discussion of White Bears, and Berra said that if one was seen, everyone else should not talk to it.  She did not elaborate, and for once had nothing to blurt, and nothing quick to say.

At the gates of Boldhome, the guards looked expectantly at Berra.  She tipped them and asked about messages.  Lord Eril wanted to see her at her earliest convenience.  There was also a message for Varanis, but she hadn’t tipped them, so they gave Berra her message first.  Varanis then tipped them, and got much the same message; Kallyr wanted to see Varanis, and it was her full list of titles that was used.

They went up to the palace with little trouble, although Berra had to cast magic to help her get up without stopping.  They were taken straight through to the main throne room where Varanis and Xenofos both sank down to a knee and Kallyr advanced on them.  She lifted up Varanis by both arms, and embraced her, saying she had secured the borders, at least for now, from the Bat.  Then there was a private meeting with Lord Eril and a few other advisors present.  Kallyr seemed genuinely pleased by the outcome, offering more hides to Varanis.  Berra suggested some could be in Sambari lands, as there were some in the group who had interest in a certain area there, but said she did not want to be a Thane of the Sambari.  Kallyr had had the Colymar in mind, and Berra pointed out that getting there would be difficult, at least for the moment, but nothing was committed to.

Xenofos accepted the offer of hides, Suuraki, speaking for Valseena, said she would like cattle, and that he himself would like the Shaman of Salt and Teeth to visit the Paps.

Session Quotes

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    They were heard, just not seen.
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  • 3
    Really, about the only way to make it through that briefing. Eril may need the same.
  • 4
    Critical Worship roll.