Words At Ironspike Village

1627, Earth Season, Harmony Week


Earth Season, late Harmony Week or early Death Week, after Session 2.48: Scribal Error

For Xenofos this continues in Talking Of Fighting


“I am quite unharmed milady” Xenofos assures Varanis.

“For the moment,” she replies, her tone giving little away. “The king offered to beat you for me. As I said no, he seems to expect me to administer a beating. Give me your full report.”

“Hmmm. We arrived at a guard post by a road hinder and got admitted through when telling we wished to meet the king. To get further I told I have news of a patrol of their’s that was missing and asked for hospitality for my guards and the king to consider extending it to me after hearing what I have to say” scholar says.
“Then we rode here and my guards ate the ceremonial fare” scribe nods and looks upwards “a local Humakti asked if this was the intention – and gave an indirect warning of this course of action – a honorable man I’d say”

Varanis listens without interrupting.

“So we met the king. I told him we had clashed with his patrol, slain some and held some as prisoners. I then asked him if he knew his advisor was tainted by chaos.”
Xenofos looks at Varanis “He was quite appalled and outraged by the question, citing the Orlanthi challenge to Chaos at this point.”

“I said I believed him not knowing that, but taint of chaos not being unheard of among followers of Red Goddess whose runes he seemed to be carrying.” He shrugs and rubs his brow. “I tried to find clarity for my oration in Truth but shame I felt made me stumble in my words.”

She nods. “This is consistent with what he said. What happened next?”

“I told him his advisor was murdered in our camp while our prisoner and tried to tell him that you wish to negotiate on restitution. But he would not listen and I was dragged to a cell.” Scholar nods again “I should have asked for a firmer promise to be heard to the end. That was a mistake.”

“It was. But at least he didn’t kill you outright.”

He looks quite calm and analytical.”Well – if he had refused restitution it would have been within his rights to do.” He frowns.”But you would most likely gotten the word through the guards and known that the matter is settled.” Xenofos shudders a bit. “I am quite relieved it did not come to that.”

“So am I, though Argrath offered to ensure your resurrection if I could get your body back in time.” She stares at the wall behind Xenofos. “I am grateful not to owe him that.”

Xenofos looks a bit startled. “If it would come to that, just lay me in bosom of Ernalda.”

Varanis’ eyes fly to his face, stunned. “Why would I do that? I need you.”

Xenofos blinks “I… I do not wish to die anytime soon. But when I have lived the measure of my time I do not wish to come back, but pass on.” He seems quite horrified by the thought of return even if he keeps control of his expression.

“You will have lived the measure of your time when you are old, Xenofos! If someone cuts your life short, I will call you back!” The words are loud, clear evidence of how shocked she is.

“You would not grant me rest and relief Varanis?” Xenofos’ brown eyes are filled with sadness.

She flinches. “I… Let’s talk more later. I need to think about this.”