Grandmother’s Greetings

1627, Fire Season, Harmony Week


Fire Season, Harmony Week, Godday, at House Saiciae, inside Grandmother’s private chambers. Session 42: Kin-Making

Spoilers if you don’t want to know what went on behind closed doors.


Listen at the door

  • 1
    And actually passes insight. GM: You’re sure about the unexpected. Not so much the delight.
  • 2
    Not politicking well – failed intrigue, passed special on Truth.
  • 3
    Irillo might know and may have reported that Varanis spent 2/3 of her income on Blue Tree after paying her tithes. Left herself her living expenses and a bit extra for gifts, etc as needed, but not much.
  • 4
    Roll Lore: Esrolia, or Intrigue, whichever is better. V: Just barely passed Loref. GM: She sent love, as a political leader, but also as a Priestess of Ty Kora Tek. Possibly a VERY veiled threat. Saiciae is a rich way of life. Ty Kora Tek is a rich way of death.