Grandmother’s Greetings

1627, Fire Season, Harmony Week


Fire Season, Harmony Week, Godday, at House Saiciae, inside Grandmother’s private chambers. Session 42: Kin-Making

Spoilers if you don’t want to know what went on behind closed doors.


Varanis visits Grandmother dressed as an Esrolian woman of the House. But, she’s wearing Kallyr’s arm ring. She is polite but formal. And she wants to know Grandmother’s plans are regarding Mirava and whether or not Grandmother set this thing up. She will say that Mirava claims to have acted on her own.

“Well, my dear, it was certainly her idea. And it is an interesting one, do you not think?”

“Interesting is not the word I would have chosen, but there’s little I can do except to try to help the Prince use this to her advantage somehow.”

“As do we all, my dear. You have all been so delightfully unexpected to me at times.”

Varanis studies the Saiciae matriarch, attempting to assess her sincerity.1And actually passes insight. GM: You’re sure about the unexpected. Not so much the delight.

“I want you to send resources into Sartar, Grandmother. The people are in a bad way. Gifts, perhaps. But also maybe Irillo or another caravan selling food at cost. This could go a long way to undoing the harm Mirava has done to the Saiciae name by allying herself and us with that Lunar…” She clearly wants to use another word, but settles for “general” instead.2Not politicking well – failed intrigue, passed special on Truth.

There is a dry laugh, “At cost? You wish ill on your cousin? Irillo will fade away at the suggestion!” There is amusement there, “Oh, I think we might spring to a little benevolence to your barbarian pets. Especially if it is you distributing it, I think, my grand-daughter.”

“I’d buy it from him, but I already spent most of my year’s profits on food for Blue Tree,” Varanis replies with a shrug. “He helped arrange it,” she adds as an afterthought.

There’s another nod, “Very well, I’m sure I can do you this favour.”3Irillo might know and may have reported that Varanis spent 2/3 of her income on Blue Tree after paying her tithes. Left herself her living expenses and a bit extra for gifts, etc as needed, but not much.

“Thank you, Grandmother. Do you have any words you wish me to carry back to the Prince?” The rush of pleasure she experiences at getting her way is poorly hidden, though she schools her expression quickly.

There is a pause, “I send my greeting to my Kinswoman, and the love of this House, both on my own behalf, the House, and in my religious position.”4Roll Lore: Esrolia, or Intrigue, whichever is better. V: Just barely passed Loref. GM: She sent love, as a political leader, but also as a Priestess of Ty Kora Tek. Possibly a VERY veiled threat. Saiciae is a rich way of life. Ty Kora Tek is a rich way of death.

“Are you trying to get me killed, Grandmother?” Varanis asks wryly.

“Oh, is the Barbarian truely that hot blooded?” There is amusement there. “Very well, you may omit my Priestessly role.”

“Those who love her, love her with devotion. She would not need to take offense for someone else to do so on her behalf. But… yes, she is pure Orlanth, at times.” Varanis gives her Grandmother a nod. It is not the obeisance she would have once paid her matriarch, but it is courteous. “If you need nothing further from me, I should begin preparations to return to Sartar.”

“Of course, my dear.” She pauses, “You may give your Grandmother a kiss of parting.”

Varanis approaches. She steps in close enough to give Grandmother a kiss on each cheek, as is customary. The old woman looks…. pleased. Varanis departs, head held high and looking determined. She is permitted to do so.