VS 222 Dancing up a Storm II

Varanis — 1626 0957 Dancing

????, Storm Season, Harmony Week


Storm Season, Harmony Week, Godday. In the Temple of Orlanth, at the Paps. Post [[[s02:session-26|Session 26]]]

Follows on from [http:journeyoftheheroes.wikidot.com/varanis:1626-0956-dancing Dancing up a Storm]


Early on Godday, far before dawn, Venlar comes to the Temple of Orlanth.1 Venlar has passed Cult Lore (Orlanth) and arrived to help Varanis. He is dressed in his best clothes, which of course he brought from home; slumming it does not mean he does without the best, merely that it is mildly inconvenient to get to.

Varanis is already awake. She is clad as he saw her last, in linen and ash. She should be cold, but she still thrums with power.223 on Air, 14 on Movement. Aw. I was planning to make her tired and vulnerable, but apparently, not yet.

Venlar bows, managing smoothness. “Chief,” he says. “Great one. Much has been heard of your deeds within the world.”

“Tell me of the world. What passes beyond these walls?” She holds her hand up. “Wait. I welcome you. Do you wish food or drink?”

“Most welcome,” he says, “And generous. The enemies of the Storm Tribe are in disorder, fearing what Orlanth holds. We have much time for eating and drinking. I too have brought from our stores.”

Varanis casts about for options. Food in the temple has been minimal and the drink options are rain water and something potent enough to stir visions. She gathers what she can and lets Venlar choose his drink.

Venlar, meanwhile, unpacks a small feast from a bag he has brought with him. Esrolian spices, Sartarite treats, and Praxian meats feature. “All is yours,” he says, “You have done well.” He even has clearwine.

She looks at it all, trying to take it in. Of course, the first thing she reaches for is sweet. Fruit preserved with honey. “You are generous,” she says on a happy sigh, after the first bite.

“I am made strong by Orlanth,” Venlar says. “The Storm Tribe puts itself rightly above others.”

“Is the world in Darkness?” she asks.3B: How do you know what Darkness is? A Lore? A Guess? A story? V: Lore. Vinga. B: GFI. Roll. V: 91. Oops.

“That’s for the future,” Venlar murmurs in a low, warning tone. A little louder he says, “Today is celebration! Orlanth is most mighty!”4B: I am totally hijacking your toy here. I think this week contains an arc of triumph, realisation, and work. And then you emerge as King.

Varanis sucks in her breath sharply, then releases it without argument. “Let us drink!” she says at last. “A toast to the Storm Tribe!” Her voice gains confidence quickly, so the last words are a near roar.5Just like V to try to skip to the part where she’s messed up and needs to fix things. But she can learn from Venlar too.

There are, of course, Orlanthi all around. They take up the cheer. Venlar gifts her with his own cloak, a deep-dyed blue wool. “This is made from cloud sheep,” he boasts, and breaks off to sing the story of how the cloud sheep were protected and stolen.

When he finishes the song she praises him, both for his generosity and for his fine singing. She pauses to remove a ring from her hand, so that she can reward him appropriately.6V: Aaaaand…. does she have any? She was clad in ash and linen. But are we no longer fully on the mortal plane? B: Roll Worship. Don’t add magic points. V: 32…. pretty sure that’s a pass.//

The heavy, warm spiral is solid under her fingers. For some reason Venlar seems a little puzzled as to how to get it into his finger, and his song of praise for generosity is a mere formality, but nevertheless he does it. The assembly of the Tribe cheers.

She raises her cup to him and to the Tribe. “Drink! Eat! We share the bounty of our table with all our kin.” She drains her cup with the toast, slamming it down on the table.

Venlar, honoured visitor from far away, and member of the Storm Tribe, does the same.

Varanis tells some stories of her own, including that of courting Ernalda and stealing her away. She is expansive in the telling, using broad gestures and loud, boastful words. There is a lot of cheering and shouting, of course. Everyone thinks Ernalda is wonderful…. And no Time passes, because this is not yet a thing that happens.

Later, at the feast, Venlar is looking pale and distracted.[[footnote]]He failed his POW check and his spirit is exhausted from keeping this up./footnote]]

Ernalda dances in a way that causes a small fight, and puts it right by talking to the people who want to fight for her, and the night goes on forever.