Orlanthi Obligations

1627, Sea Season, Disorder Week


Sea Season, Disorder Week, Clayday, late morning TrollLOLOL
Day 2 of the trip to Alda Chur.


Tiwr prances up beside Varanis, looking Far More Important than Zebras. The Vingan greets Nala politely.

With no further preamble, Nala states: “Hello. I’m assigned by the centre of the world. At least I wasn’t sent to Kallyr. Although there are likenesses.”

Varanis arches an eyebrow. “Assigned to do what?”

“Be your spiritual adviser. There were apparently worries.”

“I see…”

Nala sighs. “I was sent. I didn’t ask.”

“Well, you see the world differently than I do and different viewpoints can be useful. I will do my best to listen when you seek to advise.”1Insight? Nala fails. The noblewoman’s expression is politely blank.

“There is one area I’m fairly sure both you and Kallyr are lacking in Orlanthi status. Do you want to know? Also, which aspect of Vinga do you follow, please?”

“Yes, I would like to know,” Varanis replies. She looks at Nala. “I’m not sure about Kallyr, but I follow Vinga Adventurous and Orlanth Rex. And Sartar.”

The Praxian woman nods. “I wasn’t sure if it were Thunderous. So, what are Orlanth’s virtues and aspects, as you see them, please?”

Without hesitation, Varanis launches into explanation. “He leads from the front. He is passionate, energetic, and mutable. Young Orlanth is the warrior. Thunderous is the Orlanth of the people. He binds tribes and communities. Watches over farmers and villages. Mature Orlanth knows that he makes mistakes, but owns up to them and makes them right. This is the aspect of Orlanth Rex, he who rules the Storm Tribe and leads the gods.”

Nala says, softly and miserably, “and Orlanth the generative force?”

“Ah yes. This has to do with his love for Ernalda. Vinga is less interested in this and I admit to having not given it a great deal of thought.” Varanis shrugs.

“Not just for Ernalda. He has many children.”

“Well yes, I suppose. As I said, I haven’t given it much thought. Vingans rarely have children.”

“But you have been playing Orlanth. You need to generate, whether with Kallyr, through adoption, or thru…” She looks uncomfortable. “…other means.”

This gets Nala a very weird look. “Nala, you do remember that our mission is to woo the Feather Horse Queen for Kallyr, right?”

“Are you proposing for her or with her?”

Again, Varanis struggles to control her expression. “For her.”

“Okay, so, that might I hope settle Kallyr. You need to adopt, or something. Endow a school, maybe, for the young chidren.”

“What? I do?!?!” The Vingan’s attempts at calm courtesy take flight in her shock. “What do I have to do with children?”

“In the eyes of the Centre of the World, you are Orlanth. In the same way that all of us and maybe Suuraki are tribe. Correct, or not, that is what the world sees.” The unicorn rider explains patiently.

“I’m afraid it’s going to need to wait. There are more important things to deal with than me having children right now.”

“Sartar needs balance. You’ve seen how poor the harvests are, and how poor the people, surely.”

Varanis counters, “Yes. And Kallyr will be the one to bring balance to it. She’s the Prince and if all goes well, soon to be the King.”

“Kallyr will be King. You will be… ?” Nala persists.

“As I am now – her kinswoman. One of her people.” Varanis shrugs. “I’m nothing special. I’ll serve her as she needs me to.”

Nala takes a deep breath. Then she gets worried that that would sound judgmental, so she coughs. Then she sneezes. Then she attempts to give Varanis a look that says Spot the Bleeding Obvious.

Varanis looks confused. They ride in awkward silence for a time, before Tiwr decides he’d rather be somewhere else.

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    Insight? Nala fails.