VS 160 Lenta is Lenta

Varanis — 1626 0865 Lenta

????, Earth Season, Stasis Week


Earth Season, Stasis Week, Godday, during [[[s02:session-16|Session 16]]]
At the Warehouse, just after Berra finds Lenta.


“Is she there? Is she unhurt?”

On the stair, while there is chattering going on elsewhere, Berra says, “She’s not hurt, but she thinks you were the one who took her. She’s afraid you’ll hurt her. The sack. She was worried about it.” She is standing between the Vingan and the way up, although that could of course be accidental.

“That’s ridiculous! Of course, I didn’t do this. How could she think that?” The Vingan looks frustrated. “I have to make things right. Let me talk to her.”

“Of course you didn’t. And she didn’t know that, and she’s as thick as pig-shit, so she can’t work it out either. She’s too in love to see, or thinks she is.” Berra shrugs. “We have time to persuade her, but now isn’t the time.”

Varanis backs down without further argument. “What do you want me to do then?”

Berra takes a slow moment. “Breathe. You helped. We did it. We just have to get her home safely, and make sure your name’s cleared. Which does mean talking to her and you. And whatever the Hulta’s name is. I’m pretty sure he’ll have seen you… well, maybe at the right time. And if that man Mellia put to sleep is still alive, and I really hope he is for her sake, we have a prisoner who can probably say when you were not here. So for the moment we probably hole up here and talk. Maybe the rest of them are around. Maybe we’ll find Garin.” She shrugs. “But we did it.” There’s a slow, tired, almost triumphant grin.

“Sort of. Until we get Garin, the job is incomplete. We can’t be certain he won’t fuck with us some more.” The grey eyes are dull with a mixture of fatigue and lingering pain, but she doesn’t seem inclined to give up. 1V: Has Mellia been in to see her yet? Heal her if she needs healing? B: Yeah, no physical damage. I’m assuming Lenta’s taking a moment to pull herself together, or possibly I brought Varanis downstairs and then Lenta left the attic.

“That doesn’t matter so much as keeping someone safe. Then, we can deal with that. Although setting Kesten Hulta on him and… well, not that. But getting her back and keeping him out of the picture are different things. Separation. What’s important now?”

“Getting Lenta to safety. Which probably means getting her to her family. That should be our first priority. Put the Hulta to fetching Kesten?”

Berra considers a moment. “We can’t send a single person out alone. But yes – getting her to safety. That’s what we think about right now, with the only question being whether anyone will try to stop us. And having you talk to her is good, but it has to be once we’re sure she won’t panic, and we should check with the Lordling that he sees the meeting and knows what she’ll be thinking. She’s going to say you were there, because she believes it, so he needs to know that first. And then getting safely back.”

Berra pauses as she starts to go back up the stairs. “Oh. And the Lordling’s going to have to make sure Lenta is Lenta. We don’t want to have Elanka.”