VS 112 Can’t Get Good Help

Varanis — 1626 0775 Good Help

????, Earth Season, Death Week


Earth Season, Death Week, Freezeday [[[s02:session-4|Session 4]]]


At the baths after shedding armour and travelling clothes and having been rinsed with several buckets of water Xenofos gets into steamroom and slumps to a relaxed pile on the highest bench. After soaking in the heat in silence for several minutes he notes: ” You know, I am pretty sure someone tried to follow me to the Library, quite curious that.”

The only other occupant of the steamroom is also on the top-most bench, sitting tucked into a corner. She flicks her gaze to him in concern. “What?”

“I was taking a letter to the Library and felt a bit uneasy. It seemed like I was followed, so I took a sharp turn through Blackwine osteria and around the block. Seems someone rushed into the place rather clumsily after me.”

“You lost him, right?” Varanis looks very concerned.

“Since he was occupied in a bar brawl I continued my way to the Library,” he replies blithely.

“You need to take more care when moving around the city. Take a house guard with you from now on.” Her demand is met with a raised eyebrow. She continues patiently, “If someone followed you, they can’t have meant any good.”

He looks unconcerned. “I had my sword and he was alone. Could have been just a random street thug.”

She studies his face through the steam. “Do you really think anything that happens to us can be dismissed as random these days?”

Xenofos nods. “I see what you mean. But we just arrived, my visit to Library was not announced so if that was not coincidence someone had to guard this house almost immediately after our arrival and have more than one guy on post since they could send someone after me?”

“It’s not like we have travelled in secret. It would have been easy enough for someone to know which ship we were on and when we’d likely arrive.” Instead of her usual plait, Varanis’ hair has been piled on top of her head in a loose bun. Tendrils have escaped to frame her face, which now bears a worried expression. “Xenofos, we aren’t safe. Not even in Nochet. Please promise me you’ll take precautions.”

“Will you do the same?” he asks.

With only a moment’s hesitation, she nods. “If I go out without you or one of the others, I will take someone from the household guard.”

“Than I guess it is only fair I promise similar care on my part.”

“Thank you.” She gives him a small smile. “Did you learn anything useful at the library?”

“That one of my fellow scholars is pompous pain the derriere, but that is hardly any news. I was just trying to deliver a message but got delayed by this red ink pusher.”

Varanis looks thoughtful. “Hmmm… I have something else you could try to find out for me, when you go to the Temple next. Could you try to discover which clan Tarkalor and Terasin belonged to?”

“I suppose I could try to seek that knowledge unless we again dash unexpectedly on the road.”

His cousin rises and stretches. “Enough steam for me. I’m going to hit the pool. But I sincerely hope we don’t need to dash anywhere for a while.”

He nods. “Some peace and quiet could be welcome for change.”

“I’m just happy to be clean. My servant was complaining about the state of my clothes and my armour. And she went at my hair with shears, nattering about the mess I’d made of it.” She wrinkles her nose. “We haven’t been gone that long and I did the best I could under the circumstances. You know, Irillo arranged for a maid for me in Boldhome and the girl didn’t last a week.”

“It is just so hard to get proper staff in Sartar. You know, the manservant I hired….” Xenofos looks a bit embarrassed “…is probably still in Blue Tree tula waiting for further instructions.”

“Did you pay him enough in advance that he’d stay there? Maybe he’ll come with whoever they send for Mellia’s wedding.”

“I gave him an advance and some funds to feed himself.” He shrugs. “He’s probably pretty useless servant, but he’s amazing cook and looked like he had not eaten properly for quite some time.”

“When we leave again, I should arrange for someone who will travel with me.” She considers it briefly but quickly dismisses the issue as not urgent. “I’m heading for the cold water. See you later.” With that, she slips from the steam room, closing the door behind her.

Xenofos signals for the attendant to let in more steam and leans back, closing his eyes as heat hits his head and shoulders.