Uzko Aftermath

1626, Fire Season, Stasis Week, Windsday


After the fight at Greyrock Cave, where the Uzko Death Lord escaped. Session 1.36: Cave Crocodillem


Here follows a series of conversations had by Varanis in the aftermath of the fight in the cave. The cave is littered with bits of skeletons and zombies, but sadly no dead Death Lord.

The first person Varanis looks for as things begin to settle and she releases Berra from the hug she’d wrapped her in is Xenofos.

“Are you unhurt?” She asks him as she looks him over carefully.

“Not a scratch this time.” He gives her a long look. “Unlike you.”

“I’m fine. My shield took most of the damage.” She shrugs, but there’s a wildness in her eyes. “He got away…” She states the obvious, perhaps not fully clear-headed yet from the after-effects of the fighting.

“Shields are good that way.” Wry grin. “Yes, he did. The timid bastard.”

“Xenofos… I…” There’s a call from within the caves and everyone’s attention is drawn that direction. “I need to talk to you, but now isn’t the time.” She looks relieved for some reason as she turns and dashes away, as much racing towards whatever awaits in the caves, as fleeing from the conversation she started.

Things have begun to calm down when Varanis goes looking for Serala. She finds the Grazelander with the horses, and takes a moment to look her over to make sure she is uninjured. “We lived!” Varanis hugs Serala.

Show conversation with Serala

The next person Varanis looks for is Mellia. The healer has been busy and is looking somewhat worn. “Mellia, are you ok?”

Show conversation with Mellia

In the process of tracking people down, the Vingan also checks in on Dormal. Having landed on him during the fighting, she’s concerned. She finds him sitting in the shade, looking over some of his armour.

Show conversation with Dormal – SPOILERS

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    Varanis is prompted to make a scan roll, which she passes.