Session Sartar Arc 03

1628, Earth Season, Fertility Week, Windday

Dramatis Personae




Grandfather Centaur
Tamakt, Yamia, and Uncle Hengrast
Various guards and messengers
D’Val, Sword of Humakt
Eril, High Sword of Humakt
Koraki, King of Alda-Chur
Venna, Storm Khan
Berra’s fist


In the hours/day after the battle.

As told by Serala…

Grandfather wanted to talk to Serala. He was annoyed because there were so many Praxian spirits. Also, there were a lot of terrible things, including Maalira; apparently White Lady or not, she is still shifty according to him!  A lot of dead Humakti bound by oaths. And something about Harrek – he had scared a lot of spirits… And also, when the red spirit (Jar-eel) was dancing, she was consuming spirits. He saw a great red spirit rising up, not going to hell. She might not be gone forever and she’s a goddess. Full goddess. 

Back at the tent, Varanis is still keeping an eye on Berra who is Not Very Well.  There is also a baby1Tamakt that Maalira was taking care of there who might be woken by the sound of Imminent Vomit from Berra.  Nice.  Bowls are deployed.  

Once she can speak again, Berra is concerned as to whether there were eyewitnesses.  There were, of course.  Varanis recommends Berra cleaning up and taking a few minutes to compose herself before she goes to see Eril, who is doubtless going to Want To Talk.  

There are discussions about Yamia (Silor, Eril’s brother’s daughter) and whether Berra should find her.  Varanis objects on the basis that she can’t simultaneously guard Berra and Tamakt,  and even Berra admits she might not be at her best for defending herself right now.  

Yelm rises and with it, once the horses are seen to, Finarvi and Serala go to the healer’s tent to check on Berra.  There is a Humaki and an Orlanthi guarding the tent entrance, plus another Humaki at the other side. The Orlanthi invites Serala to see Koraki.

Varanis goes off to do her morning ablutions/worship.  Finarvi and Serala touch base with Berra, Serala references Grandfather’s warnings and asks who we should tell.2Apparently it is important that Kallyr and Argrath never meet. Finarvi checks with the Humakti as to when Eril might be available and gets a message that Koraki would rather like to see Finarvi, Serala, and Varanis at their convenience.  

Varanis completes her morning rituals, being watched by a couple of people, one of whom is D’Val.3the other is an older man unknown to her  She asks D’Val where Eril might be and when he might be available before going off to look for him in the command tent.   

She passes a message that Berra is awake and receives the reply that the initiate Berra is requested to present herself as soon as possible.  Returning to the tent, Varanis finds that Finarvi has been getting Berra clean and as presentable as possible.  Finarvi and Varanis take Tamakt to find Yamia so that Varanis can come off guard duty while Serala stays with Berra. The Orlanthi outside helps with Tamakt’s morning routine, explaining how to hold small children over the grass. The Humakti just rolls his eyes a bit.  They find the injured Yamia in a tent, injured but well enough to take her son back.4Yay, mission accomplished. The Humakti is resting next to her brother, Hengrast, who has lost a leg in the fighting.

Berra is presentable enough to go out and opts for walking. As soon as she leaves the tent, the people outside invite her variously to see Koraki and Gallem.  Her friends make an honour guard with Varanis at the front and Finarvi and Serala flanking.  After a wrong turn5Varanis fumbles Scan and a couple of stops, including a message from Impalas that Argrath would like to speak to Berra6“The short warrior…”- Impala rider, the group makes it to the tent, where they find Eril, Koraki, Venna and some others, but not Argrath or Kallyr.  Eril goes to speak to Berra in a subsection of the tent alone while Koraki welcomes the others, and then takes them outside to sing a song of praise to them.

He also gives gifts; a mould of granite for Finarvi, which he then swaps out for spectacles, called a ‘Mostali Gemsee’ – clearly something Finarvi is going to have a lot of fun with.7Farsee 4 at a distance of 1 foot  For Varanis, horse tack that will make ‘no difference to her already fabulous riding’.8But happens to give a +10 to ride horse  Serala gets a crystal spearhead.9It may slow a target down on a hit plus frost damage (but will take damage if you fumble as it is fragile Berra then exits the tent in an extreme hurry to be ill.10Again.  

After that, Serala manages to pass on the information regarding Jar-eel and her god-i-ness to Eril and Koraki and is glad to put the information in the hands of someone Not Her to deal with. She is informed this will make it easier to negotiate with certain other groups.  Varanis then informs Eril that there are multiple people trying to meet with Berra…  just as this conversation is starting there is a commotion outside as Berra punches Koraki and is promptly loudly exiled, with guards escorting her.  

Serala goes to get her and Finarvi’s stuff, along with all the horses.  Finarvi goes to get Varanis’s stuff, Varanis sticks with Berra.  We are all watched as we go, Varanis sees people realising that Berra is getting away, Finarvi sees Grandfather is arguing/fighting with a spirit in the air.11We must ask if Grandfather could tell who sent it.

So with all the interference being run on our behalf, we get out of camp.

We were officially sent to the West, but Serala decides we’re going South instead, because we’re dodging people, plus the Grazelands are there.  We leave word for Maalira to be advised to travel to Queen’s Post to meet up with us there.  

On the journey, Berra and Varanis fill the rest in on the events of the previous Fire Season, before agreeing to not speak of it again. They are both obviously still angry.

Session Quotes

  • 1
  • 2
    Apparently it is important that Kallyr and Argrath never meet.
  • 3
    the other is an older man unknown to her
  • 4
    Yay, mission accomplished.
  • 5
    Varanis fumbles Scan
  • 6
    “The short warrior…”- Impala rider
  • 7
    Farsee 4 at a distance of 1 foot
  • 8
    But happens to give a +10 to ride horse
  • 9
    It may slow a target down on a hit plus frost damage (but will take damage if you fumble as it is fragile
  • 10
  • 11
    We must ask if Grandfather could tell who sent it.
  • 12
    Probably iron nailed