VS 027 Of boxes and betrayal

Varanis — 1626 0600 Boxes Betrayal

????, Sea Season, Movement Week


1626, Sea Season, Movement Week?, Freezeday? Breakfast-time. On the road to Clearwine. [[[s01:session-29|Session 29]]]


One morning, en route to Clearwine, Nala is cooking breakfast. Mellia brings Varanis over. Some folks are likely to notice this, because there’s been tension between the Vingan and the Praxian for weeks. There’s some kind of conversation. Varanis stalks over to her stuff, pulls out a fabric wrapped object and hands it over to Nala before storming away. No yelling, no explosions. Lots of tension.

Show details of interactions between Mellia, Nala, and Varanis – contains spoilers

Berra looks over, considers, and goes back to sword practice. She is doing some sort of Greeting of the Dawn thing, although it tends to take her a while to do that. Maybe she talks slowly. The exercise will keep her there for a while.

Xenofos straps his cuirass on. Checks his weapons as he has been doing since Boldhome. Sits down crosslegged leaning to a tree and scribbles something to his journal. Reads it. Scans the campground with irritated look. Crosses over his writing and scribbles on.

And she storms past him, Varanis snaps out at Xenofos, “I’m going to practice until we are ready to leave. I will be fine.” Then she walks away and out of sight.

Interrupted of his work Xenofos cleans the quill and carefully closes the inkhorn. He lets the ink dry a little aided by some movement and fine sand he has in writing kit. Slowly he rises up and saddles the horse he calls his riding horse. He tells Berra he will have a look at surroundings and heads to the small hill nearby. Berra nods, and murmurs something to him. She does not try to stop him from going. From the hill, he seems to be scanning the surroundings without haste and perhaps making notes.

A little bit after Xenofos departs, Berra takes her sword – of course she does – and makes off the way Varanis went. Her body language does not indicate she has murder on the mind.

Nala and Mellia chat for a good long while after Varanis strops off. The conversation eventually ends in Mellia bursting into riotous laughter.

Show details of interactions between Berra and Varanis – contains spoilers

The Vingan and Humakti return eventually, looking no worse for wear.

Berra looks like she took a fall, or else was kneeling on leaf litter. She seems unworried by this, and just goes straight to her horse to get ready to go.

Varanis looks more sullen than furious, by this point. To those paying close attention, she seems to be nursing hurt feelings and wounded pride. Her stiff movements and the way that she avoids making eye contact with anyone indicates a desire to be left alone.