VS 162 Voicebox Part 2

Varanis — 1626 0868 Voicebox2

????, Earth Season, Stasis Week


Earth Season, Stasis Week, Godday [[[s02:session-16|Session 16]]]
Varanis wants Dormal to look over [http://journeyoftheheroes.wikidot.com/varanis:1628-0864-voicebox the weird box she found back at the warehouse].


As soon as they get back to House Saiciae, but before Dormal can vanish into the woodwork, Varanis approaches him. She’s got something wrapped in sackcloth.

“Would you look this over for me, Dormal?” she asks. “It was in the sack I thought contained Lenta. It made the sound that duped me into thinking I could hear her crying. I was hoping you might be able to… I don’t know. Tell me something about it that might help me learn something more about Garin. I don’t like leaving him out there, unaccounted for.” She hesitates before handing it to him. “Don’t unwrap it here. It might still make noise.”

Dormal looks mildly curious. “I can look, I suppose – but it’s a… thing? A device? Sounds like something the dwarves would make.”

Varanis shrugs. “I don’t know what it is.”

“First though I need to give an account of myself, and eat and drink something, it has been a while.” He thinks for a moment, then says, “Bring it down to the room where we interrogated that assassin. I’ll look at it there.”1Varanis passes Insight. He has rope burns on the wrists, appears somewhat dehydrated. He is definitely annoyed about something but is suppressing it.

Varanis peers at Dormal closely, then tucks the package under her arm and unhooks her water flask from her belt. She hands it to him. “My questions will wait.”

He accepts the flask and drinks deeply. “Thank you. If I am not detained further I should be down in an hour or so.”

She nods.

When Dormal arrives at the room an hour later, Varanis is waiting. She appears to have had a bath and is now dozing in a corner of the room. The wrapped package sits on a table.2Failed listen roll.

He knocks on the doorway.

Varanis jerks awake at the noise, her hand dropping automatically to her knife hilt. She doesn’t have her rapier with her. It takes her a moment to recognize her cousin, but when she does, she relaxes.

“You should probably keep witnesses near you. They’ll still try to frame you if they can.”

She shrugs. “You’re here now.”

“Witnesses people will believe. Anyway, let’s see the… whatever it is.”

Varanis nods in the direction of the package. It sits on the table, wrapped in sack cloth.

He takes out a dagger and cautiously lifts the mouth of the sack, peering in.

Within the cloth lies a silvery, matte grey box. About two palms long, palm in width and palm in height. No visible lid or other opening. Lightweight for its size. Illusion rune in one flat side, comprised of three holes, too small for fingers. On the opposite side, there’s a single, larger hole.

“When I found it, it was emitting a faint, slow sobbing sound.”

He carefully draws on a pair of gloves and lifts the box out, laying it on the stone table.

As Dormal examines the box, Varanis quietly says, “I saw the illusion rune and well…” She flicks a nervous glance at his features, “You were the only person I thought might know anything about it or be able to find out more.” Her tone is carefully neutral.

Dormalis clearly fascinated. “Never heard of or seen anything like this before.” He taps the box with the tip of the dagger and listens. “What metal is this anyway? Did it sound different before?”

“When I first heard it, it sounded like Lenta’s weeping. At least, I assume that’s what made the sound. By the time I found the box in the sack of grain, it had slowed down. Now, it seems to be silent.” She stares at it, then looks to Dormal. “I’ve never seen anything like it.” She adds, “I don’t want it. I just want to know if it can help me learn anything more about Garin. You can have it, or dispose of it, as you see fit. But, if you learn anything useful, will you tell me, please?” Again, the words are neutral.

He doesn’t bother to look at her, but continues his perusal of the box. “Well… I think it’s a device. Sorcery, maybe. Not magic. I can try and find out more, but Irillo will be a better bet.”

She looks at him silently for a moment, then asks quietly, “Do you want me to take it to Irillo instead then?”

Dormal considers the object. “I might be able to find out where I could get such a thing… but I don’t need the box itself to do that. We must still have sorcerors. Or… one of my mother’s colleagues. Take it to them first. Then Irillo.”

Varanis nods, then pulls herself wearily to her feet. “Thank you for your assistance,” she says as she goes to the table to rewrap the odd little box.3Dormal passes Insight roll. She’s being unusually courteous and neutral. It doesn’t border on rudeness or anything. Just distance. There’s no expectation of familiarity such as you’ve been getting from her. Maybe she’s finally accepted your rejection of kinship.

“Remember – witnesses. The queen made her ruling but it won’t stop them trying to frame you,” he warns her.

Varanis nods her acknowledgment of his advice. She offers a polite farewell and leaves, taking the package with her.

Dormal also leaves, not long after.4failed all lore checks, genuinely know nothing about the device