VS 117 Countermanded

Varanis — 1626 0785 Countermanded

????, Earth Season, Death Week


Earth Season, Death Week, Clayday – evening [[[s02:session-5|Session 5]]]

Continues from [http://journeyoftheheroes.wikidot.com/varanis:1626-0781-varanis-venlar Cousins to Be]


Spoilers Berra

She lets go of her outrage in a single deep sigh. “You are right. I’m sorry. I’m just feeling tense this evening. Venlar suggested it was possible that Grandmother was thinking of arranging a marriage for me sooner rather than later and I haven’t been able to shake the worry.”

Xenofos looks thoughtful. “That is of course a possibility and one can never be quite sure with her. But it would seem a tad short-sighted, even rash for her to ‘cash’ in your raised value so quickly. Especially now when one could see us like exiles from Sartar where your potentially greatest value lies.”

Varanis shudders delicately at his reference to her value. “I have no desire to marry anyone, Xenofos. I don’t want children. I’d prefer to serve my clan and Prince by fighting Lunars, not by spreading my legs in some kind of marriage sacrifice.” Her crudity gets another nasty tug on her hair from Marta. She winces but does not chastise the woman.

“Well after she let you initiate to Vinga she can’t force you to that service without offending the goddess. But she can be persuasive in other ways than direct commands.”

Marta steps back and admires her handiwork. Varanis’ hair is plaited and coiled with great complexity. A gold hair comb adds the final touches.

“The dress,” she states. Varanis sighs again and rises. She turns her back to Xenofos as she allows the servant to remove her robe and dress her in a fine gown of lush green and amber silk. Her runes are worked in gold thread throughout the fabrics of the garment.

As she is being dressed, she comments to Xenofos, “Grandmother can be very persuasive when she chooses to be.”

“You can say that without parting very far from the Truth.” Xenofos observes his cousin. “You look splendid. Very posh. Have you been invited somewhere tonight?”

“Another party. An endless round of parties, it seems. And thank you.” She preens at his praise. She slides Kallyr’s arm ring onto her sword arm and then selects the rest of the jewellery she will wear for the evening. Marta nods approvingly at her choices and assists as needed. “You? I assumed you were going out as well. Are we headed to the same locations or are we to be faced with some kind of divide and conquer efforts tonight?”

There is look of confusion on Xenofos face. Someone may have forgot to brief him or Grandmother has decided to keep him on shorter leash.

Varanis laughs. “Have you been to your quarters yet? Does your servant know where to find you? He’s probably got his instructions already laid out and he’s now worrying about what to do because you haven’t appeared.” She glances over at Marta. “I am right, aren’t I? You all dance to Grandmother’s tune and ensure that we do as well.” The words bear an edge of cynicism.

“I was there already, but it is true I did not see my valet.”

“Maybe you get a free evening then.” She shrugs and the gold at her throat glitters. “But you may want to check back, just to be certain.”

“That might be prudent,” Xenofos affirms. As he walks out he notes laughingly, “Unless Grandmother herself does not know what she wants me to do tonight.”