VS 066 Ware the Water

Varanis — 1626 0716 Water

????, Fire Season, Movement Week


Fire Season, Movement Week, Wildday? [[[s01:session-41|Session 41]]]


See also [http:journeyoftheheroes.wikidot.com/xenofos:dreamroot Dreamroot Dreams and Nightmares]


Varanis remembers going into a smoky room, and the door closing behind her, and she needed to find Xenofos to get him out of the smoke but it was dark and she had taken a breath already. That was likely why she made the bad decision to look in there for him and let the door close.

There was water. So much water. I was going to drown in it… I was going to be swept away by… Jenath Minar? or… Magasta was trying to kill me? Why would Magasta kill me? It was Dormal. He was going to betray me to Magasta. He says he doesn’t waste time with hatred, but revenge… that is something he might do. Especially because he no longer accepts me as family. He wouldn’t even see it as a betrayal. And he’s a water-lover. He has to be with a name like his. Am I dreaming again?

I’ve dreamt of Magasta before. In Boldhome. He called the rivers to him and covered me in water. But he was saving me – I was so dry – it was too much. Maybe he was drowning me then, pretending to help, but trying to kill? Magasta will drown us all. I know his plot so he has to kill me before I can warn people. I have to warn people. We have to fight back.

The Earth Temple contains women who are kind, and will listen to Varanis, and don’t offer her drinks. But that one does have a silver basin that she is carrying into the lower chamber…

It’s a trap. I have to get out of here.1GM says: INT x 3, please? 16. “Yeah, this is not an assassination. That’s not what you are afraid of. It’s the WATER damnit. You need allies, not safety. Take the war to Magasta!”

But how do I trust them? That one had a basin with water.
Well, you suborn them!
There are voices in my head… do I listen? Maybe I have to. I will convince the priestesses to join my war.2Rolled 17 on high orate skill.
You’re being listened to very carefully by a variety of people, and then you sleep… And then you wake up and you’re not afraid of water.
Although you dreamed of the waters creaking under the world.

I check my water runes. I remember thinking I needed to cut them out. Did I? I wouldn’t have. Would I?
No, they are still there. You think you might have decided letting blood flow would be too watery.
I’m not sure how I feel about those runes right now. Not going to look at them again for the moment. Pretend they aren’t there.
The feeling will fade, but it is definitely disquieting.

Where is everyone? Where is Xenofos? Is he ok? I frantically ask for answers.
The Lay Ernaldan says your friend has been taken to the Temple of Chalana Arroy.
And the others?
That’s all the priestess knows.
And no one left a message for me?
The woman smiles. “Maybe at your inn?”

I need to go to the inn. I’ll leave an appropriate donation at the Temple. What’s an appropriate donation?
In this case, a Lunar would be a lot. A couple of Clacks for staying the night and a couple more for the breakfast and the time of the Lay Member.
I’ll leave a Lunar.

Well, on the plus side, you didn’t swear an oath to kill Magasta!
That’s… probably good. I didn’t give away Jenath Minar’s name did I? It’s a secret.
No, no you didn’t.
Oh good. I’d hate to be forsworn. Am I talking to myself? Where are these voices coming from?

At the Inn, people have left. There is a message for you – Mellia is at the Temple of Chalana Arroy with the tall guy who was under arrest, and the others have left for the Cinder Rock Tula.
“She’s at the Temple in Wilmskirk? And he was what?” I’m startled and speak without thinking.
“She is at the Temple of Wilmskirk, yes. And he was under arrest, I think?”

I’m going to try to find Mellia. I need to understand what is happening. I ask the innkeeper, “How long ago did everyone leave?”
“An hour, maybe?” His reply is disinterested. He’s busy.
So, I could catch up if I rode hard. But I need to talk to Mellia. I’ll send a messenger to the Temple to find out if it’s ok if I come over and while I wait for a reply, I’ll pack for the road. I can’t believe they just ditched me like that. I guess that means that they think I’m capable of looking after myself now or they’ve just stopped caring.
For the first time in I don’t know how long, I am actually alone. I could walk away now and go somewhere else and all they’d know is that I left the place they abandoned me in and then I disappeared.
But…. I have oaths to fulfill. Curse it. I can’t just walk away.

The water… did I dream of water because that’s my path to the Underworld? Do I have to drown to save the Spark? Oh Vinga. Please not that. Anything else. Not drowning.//

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    GM says: INT x 3, please? 16. “Yeah, this is not an assassination. That’s not what you are afraid of. It’s the WATER damnit. You need allies, not safety. Take the war to Magasta!”
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    Rolled 17 on high orate skill.