VS 126 Burning the Candle: Geasa

Varanis — 1626 0795 Candle3

????, Earth Season, Season/Death Week


Earth Season/Death Week/Fireday [[[s02:session-7|Session 7]]]


Fireday morning, going to temple of Humakt, Varanis catches the faint scent of violets, but sees nothing.1Failed scan.

Day one of meditations at the Humakti Temple goes well. She’s determined to prove herself worthy, regardless of the temporary geasa they have placed on her as part of their purification. No sweets, no alcohol, no meat, and she must carry her sword at all times. No sexual congress of any sort. This comes with a look of snide judgement from the Sword. He also suggested a vow of silence for the week after she asked one too many questions, but she stopped talking before he decided it was necessary. But she meditates on the sword, on Death, and on Humakt and his relationship with Vinga. It goes well.2Passed meditation roll.

  • 1
    Failed scan.
  • 2
    Passed meditation roll.