VS 016 I’ve Been Had

Varanis — 1626 0530 Ive Been Had

????, Sea Season

Sea Season, between [[[s01:session-27|session 27]]] and session 28.
On the road from Boldhome, nearing Blue Tree Clan lands

Varanis is mulling things over in her head and it isn’t looking good. She descends into a mental tantrum. WARNING: Spoilers for Varanis’ inner thoughts. It’s very juvenile.


Vinga, I think I’ve been had. I’ve walked from one trap into another, and I suspect this one won’t be as comfortable as the one in Nochet.

I was convinced that Prince Kallyr would see me as a threat, and when instead she welcomed me as her kinswoman, I was overjoyed. But I was also blinded by her generosity and by the shining band of gold with which she claimed and chained me – maybe I am the magpie Serala says I am.

Her gift seems rich indeed, but it also places us securely away from Boldhome. And it is possible that this gift of hers will separate us too. Kallyr called them my followers, but it’s pretty clear that other than Xenofos, nobody sees me as a leader, not even me. I should be a leader. Other than Mellia, I’m the highest ranking person here, and Mellia, White Lady that she is, is not a leader. Though…. What is Serala to her own people? What rank or title does she hold?

Focus, Varanis. The nomads gave their hides to Mellia for her Temple. I don’t think they understand the nature of the gift. Or the value of the land. Or maybe they do and they are just that pious? Rajar? Somehow, pious doesn’t seem like the right word. Without the hides, what keeps them here? Will they leave soon? I… I would miss Serala.

Kallyr. Think, Varanis, think. What does Kallyr gain? Are we really trapped? I am no one’s pawn. I want my freedom. I deserve freedom. I want to serve Vinga, not the politics of Grandmother or of Prince Kallyr. Serala invited me to the Grazelands… maybe I could go with her when she leaves. But… these hides mean people and I have an obligation to those people, and to the Prince and Grandmother, no matter what I want. It’s so unfair!

Grow up, Varanis.