VS 159 Voicebox Part 1

Varanis — 1626 0864 Voicebox

????, Earth Season, Stasis Week


Earth Season, Stasis Week, Godday [[[s02:session-15|Session 15]]]
At the warehouse where they found Lenta


From the sack with small sacks of flour comes still some sobbing, but its tempo is slowing down. Varanis glares at it. It’s like a box, only different. Eventually, she goes over to investigate why it is making noise still.

Why between the sacks there is a silvery matte grey box. About two palms long, palm in width and palm in height. No visible lid or other opening. Relatively light for its size.

The Vingan picks it up to look more closely. There’s an Illusion rune in one flat side, consisting of three holes. She looks around to see if anyone is nearby and spots one of her cousins. “Xenofos, come look.”

“What is it?”

“I’m not sure. A box, maybe? But it doesn’t seem to have a lid.” She studies the object in her hands, turning it over to examine from all sides.

On the opposite side to the illusion rune there is one hole, a bit larger. Workmanship is good but unadorned.

She tries to peer into the holes and also listens carefully to see if the box makes any noise. It’s dark inside the box. There’s a really slow sobbing on low volume.

She hands it to Xenofos. “What do you think? Should we try to open it?”

“I think we have more pressing matters cousin”

She looks unconvinced. “But I don’t know if we should ignore it. It’s dangerous. Look at these runes.”

He looks. “Illusion? If you feel it is dangerous just toss it into the water.”

Varanis considers it further. She sets the box down for the time being and goes to search the body of the dead man. She keeps looking back at the annoying thing and finally picks it up again. She hunts around to see if there’s anything she can wrap it with. There are a number of empty sacks lying around among other debris. She takes one of those and wraps it around the box to see if that muffles the noise enough. It seems to do what she needs it to. She sets the wrapped bundle to one side; it will be coming with her when they leave.