Wind in her hair

1628 Year, Earth Season, Stasis Week, Clay Day


On the road, after royal host has been sighted. Season 3 Sartar arc session 7


On the road Lenta was clad in multicolored skirt and loose jacket. Her bay horse carried saddlebags. Wind played with her hair. Her hair is not in the Hulta clan plaits, just loosely tied with ribbons.

Varanis stares at Lenta with a small frown. “You probably need to plait that or cover it with a scarf. It’ll be a awful to comb out tonight if you don’t.”

Lenta looks at Varanis and nods. “I may cover it a bit later, Varanis. Thank you for your concern.”1 Varanis passes insight human

Lenta smiles warmly and seems to genuinely appreciate the advice. But she does not start to do anything right now.

“Are you worried about how Kalis will react to learning you told me what she’d advised?”

Lenta tilts her head “Not really. She is not my Grandmother. And even if she means well I need to make my own choices.”

“And what about your Grandmother?” Varanis indicates the unplaited hair.

Lenta smiles at Varanis “I just wanted a bit variety. I have not been told to not wear Hulta-plaits. And for formal occasion I probably will.”

There’s a thoughtful nod. “I hardly ever wear the Saiciae-plaits these days. But,” and now Varanis grins, “most of the time, I don’t care what my Grandmother would say about it. She sent me here. She can live with the consequences.”

Lenta nods and smiles “Well mine did not. But ofcourse she knew. And could have stopped it if she wished.”

“How are you finding Sartar?” the Vingan asks. 2((Insight if you pass: She’s back to awkward. Trying to figure out how to be friendly without making things weird, but she’s been awkward with Lenta so many times that she’s just not sure how to be natural. ))

“A mixture of weird and familiar. I guess.” Lenta twirls a lock of hair around her index finger. “But I don’t think people themselves are that different. In palaces or villages.”

After some time spent riding in silence she looks at Varanis “Kalis told me you were hurt in the battle. It was a relief to see you return. Have you recovered?”

“Yes. Finarvi saved my life. Without him, I would not have returned.”

Lenta nods and there is jingling from her earrings.
Again she is silent for a while.
“Are you annoyed I asked to follow you?”

Varanis thinks, then says, “No. We have an understanding and you have been respectful of my wishes in that regard.”

Green eyes look long into her eyes and then Lenta nods. There may be a bit of blinking.

“You did sound a bit vexed yesterday.” Lenta’s voice is warm and understanding, with just a hint of question, her eyes green and big ” and seemed annoyed when we returned from Grayrock.” 3Pass charm btw to talk smoothly of difficult stuff.

“I don’t like Kalis meddling in my life.” Varanis grumbles. “I don’t like anyone meddling, for that matter.”

“I thought it might be so.” Lenta says soothingly “That is not a feeling unknown to me, to be honest.”

“Kalis can be pleasant company. But she’s a high priestess and never forgets that.” There’s a shrug. “She seems to think that gives her the authority to meddle.”

“You are not entirely wrong there.” Lenta tilts her head. “She does assume that authority. But you should perhaps consider why she does it?”

“Because she’s Ernalda? Why else?”

“That is actually rather wise answer, Varanis.” Lenta looks at her with those big green eyes, a lock of hair straying over them.”It probably covers most of the things I thought to say. I think she does it out of sheer compassion. She does it out of duty and she does it out of love to the people of Sartar. Because she is Ernalda and wants their best.”

Varanis chooses not to comment.

“She may not always be right, and she may enjoy being smart just a tad too much” she shrugs “But she does care. Of every little Haran and Berra being fed and as safe as possible.”

“I’m not arguing with you, Lenta. You don’t need to defend her,” Varanis points out. “Sometimes my temper gets away with me, but it usually blows over eventually.”

“It may be that I am defending my choices or her to myself. I do think I am doing the right thing, but I don’t know if I am letting her or you down by being open about it. Or if I am doing just what she intended me to do.” Lenta gives Varanis a sideways glance and another shrug “A bit stupid, is it not?”

“Stop second-guessing yourself. I appreciate your honesty.”

“And the alynx is out of the bag anyway…” Lenta nods “You are right. Thank you for letting me come.”
Her smile is warm. The insecurity that made a brief appearance earlier has disappeared.

  • 1
    Varanis passes insight human
  • 2
    ((Insight if you pass: She’s back to awkward. Trying to figure out how to be friendly without making things weird, but she’s been awkward with Lenta so many times that she’s just not sure how to be natural. ))
  • 3
    Pass charm btw to talk smoothly of difficult stuff.