Two Things

1626, Fire Season, Stasis Week, Windsday


The party is now at the village of Greyrock Fall, having returned mostly intact from the fight in the cave. Varanis has concerns about two of her companions and the implications of their injuries. She seeks out Mellia for advice. After Session 1.36: Cave Crocodillem


Later in the afternoon, at the village, Varanis finds Mellia napping in a corner of the hall. Varanis quietly sits down next to the Healer, trying not to wake her, but wanting to be nearby when she awakens.

Mellia dozes for a few minutes more, then wakes up. “Hello, Varanis. I hope I wasn’t snoring.”

Varanis shakes her head. “Not really. Besides, your snores are very tiny and adorable.”

Mellia laughs and blushes. “You are too kind.”

The Vingan’s expression turns serious. “I need to talk to you about something. But… somewhere more private. I don’t suppose you can climb, can you?”

“Not very well,” Mellia admits. “I’ll try, but we might want a rope handy.”

“Hmmm… perhaps we could go sit near the waterfall instead? It’s noisy enough to give us some privacy.”

Mellia nods and gets to her feet.

Varanis leads the way out of the hall. It doesn’t take long to find the waterfall where she and Berra had spoken earlier and it’s deserted at the moment. There a large rock that makes a reasonable place to sit.

Mellia perches on one end of the large rock, leaving room for Varanis. “So, what is the matter?”

Sitting beside her cousin, Varanis begins: “There are two things I am worried about. I need to think about what order to present them.” She chews on her bottom lip as she considers. Then she nods to herself decisively.

Mellia waits patiently.

“First, Dormal. Did you know that he was tortured in Rhigos? His chest and back are a mess of scars and even some raised welts still.” Varanis looks deeply disturbed as she relays this information.

Mellia hisses. “No, I did not! He hasn’t said a word to me lately. I can heal the welts, but I’m not sure about the scars. Healing his mind is something different and will probably take a more skilled healer.”

“He claims to be ok. He says he knew the risks he was taking and that he still feels he came out of it on top. But Mellia…. he was whipped for hours from the looks of that damage. And I don’t know what else they did to him.”

“That’s… that’s….. ” Mellia blinks back tears. “I won’t be able to find out what else happened unless Dormal consents to a thorough examination, tells me the horrid details, or both.”

Varanis takes her cousin’s hand and squeezes it gently. “I’m hoping he’ll talk to you in a way he won’t with me. I’m afraid he doesn’t like me very much and he certainly doesn’t trust me.”

“I don’t think he trusts me either.” Mellia looks comforted by the squeeze.

“You’ll try though? Even just to make sure his physical damage is healing right?” Her quiet words carry a mix of pleading and encouragement.

Mellia nods. “I’m going to ask his permission first. Forcing anything on him is one of the worst things we could do.”

Varanis nods. Then she draws in a long, slow breath. “Second… Berra. How is she, really?”

Mellia sighs. “I was focused on getting her back into fighting shape. I have no idea what happened to her, either. I hope D’Val goes easy on her if she talks to him. I will try to talk to her.”

“Will her body heal? Will she regain full use of her hand?”

Mellia nods. “It will take time, but her right arm will heal and her hand will be fine. The White Lady will see to it. As with Dormal, it’s the damage to her mind that really worries me.”

The Vingan looks solemn and concerned. “How do we help her?”

“Get her to talk. Get her to forgive herself,” Mellia says. “Beyond that, I do not know. I very much wish I did.”

Varanis sighs. “Me too. I should have… oh, I don’t know what I should have done. I’ll try to focus on what comes next. Helping Berra become whole again matters to me.”

Mellia nods. “All we can do is go forward.”

“Thank you for hearing me out. I should go find something cleaner and nicer to wear for the evening’s festivities. I don’t know if I’ve said this, but I’m so glad you are with us. I worry about you, but I worry less about everyone else, knowing you are here.” There is true appreciation in her eyes as she smiles at her cousin. Rising gracefully to her feet again, Varanis offers Mellia a hand up.

Mellia takes the hand, gets up and offers Varanis a hug. Smiling, Mellia says, “You’re very welcome!”

Varanis returns the hug warmly.