VS 028 Enlo

Varanis — 1626 0610 Enlo

????, Sea Season, Movement Week


1626, Sea Season, Movement Week?, Freezeday? On the road to Clearwine. [[[s01:session-29|Session 29]]]


After an hour or so of talking to no one, Varanis rides to wherever Sid is within the party (Berra thinks he might be walking by the mules). She dismounts and walks beside him, leading Doqeia. “Enlo, may I speak with you?” Her tone is polite.

He considers carefully, then, “You already are.”

“You are a free warrior, Salid. You have choices about who you speak to,” she replies, again with courtesy. “You do not have to talk with me if you do not want to.”

“I know. And you are also free to speak with who you wish. And you are.” And there’s that broad toothy smile.

Varanis smiles in reply. “Berra said it might help me to speak to you about my troubles. She thinks you might have a perspective that could help me. She thinks that Air Spirits are leading me to see things that others do not, like the other day, when Tiwr seemed so much like a broo to me.” She seems to lack her usual eloquence as she tries to explain. “I don’t know what it is I saw or why, but I do know that it… affects how others see me. And I don’t know what to do.” She laughs a little. “In fact, I’m so lost, I’m asking an Enlo for advice. I don’t mean any offence, Salid, but you know that Vingans and Uz do not usually spend time talking.” She shrugs. “It’s not really our way. But I trust Berra, and Berra believes in you.”

He considers a while. “Not have a great advice. Listen before speak. Work hard. Build better place. Think about how other humans feel. Lead by being better. Make others wish they more like you.”

“In Nochet, you led a group of Enlo. Did any of them think you unworthy?”

He tilts his head, “Am not Sage to read minds or hearts. Can only say my Way and others follow or not. But my Way can be made easy to follow. You see?”

Varanis sighs. “Maybe,” comes the reply at last. “And maybe you are wiser than I am, because I still can’t see a way forward. You see, part of the problem is that at least some of these people don’t trust me. And when I tried to do the right thing, they used it as a chance to trick me instead. I trusted and that trust was betrayed.” She sighs again. “I suppose that trusting someone was part of the mistake. It was a lesson I learned young, but seem to have forgotten recently.” The Vingan walks in silence beside the trollkin, lost in her own head for a while.

“No. Be best you. They follow, or not. If not you still best you. Trust is two way tunnel.”

Varanis nods thoughtfully. “Sid,” she says at last, “I seem to be practicing this a lot… if I have been unkind to you, I’m sorry. You are different from the other Uz I have met. And… well, if I am unkind to you, know that you can tell me so. I promise to hear you out. It may take me a while to understand, but I will try.” As she looks at him, her face is shining with sincerity. “I am trying.”

He nods with all the gravity a 3′ weakling can possess. “Can see this. No apology needed. Have not hurt Salid. Enlo endure much, but you not add to it.” He reaches up to pat your shoulder. “Have faith in Gods. Lead strange paths but for purpose.”

They walk together in companionable silence for a time.