Nightmare at the Nunnery

1629, Sea Season, Harmony Week, Waterday


Lenta has died and her corpse was carried to the Nunnery. While Mellia and the healers work to resurrect her, Varanis sits vigil. It’s not long before she slips into another nightmare. Session 4.06


There is silence in the long, carved hallway where Varanis sits her vigil. Figures of dancing women are here, a few chipped and decayed, some still faintly coloured by paint. The Vingan’s eyes grow heavier, and so does her whole body. It would be easy to slump here.

She blinks a few times and glances in the direction that Lenta was taken. Maybe she could rest, just for a few minutes. She’d hear if someone came out again.

The others were here, but… they are eating. Maybe. Or sleeping. Things were not clear. She could just rest. Yes. Nothing wrong with that.

She blinks again and lets her eyelids stay closed. A few breaths. No more.

No more. She stops being able to breathe. No Air now.

She snaps her eyes open, fearful and trying to suck in the air.

Her eyes open. The corridor is as she left it. Except for the pool of blood on the floor. That’s new.

Blood. Hers? She checks herself quickly for injury. Has she been stabbed in her sleep?

There are bloodied handprints all over her. Her own hand-prints, where she wiped her hands clean.

That’s… not good. Is there a trail? She rises to her feet to check the pool and to see if there are any drops leading anywhere that she could follow.

There is, and walking down the corridor, she can hear the sound of footsteps coming towards her.

Hand to her hilt, in case it’s a threat. But this is the Nunnery. She shouldn’t draw the blade unless she has to. She will cautiously walk towards the source of the footfalls.

The sound has stopped as she goes around the corner. Slumped on the ground is Lenta, not breathing. There is blood everywhere.

That’s not right. The healers have her. Mellia does. Mellia is bringing her back.

Lenta continues to be not breathing. From behind Varanis, Berra says, “We killed her, right?”

Varanis wheels, hand still on her hilt. “What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be at a Humakti place. Lenta has to come back and you had to be where you wouldn’t stop it!”

Berra points out peacefully, “I had to stop her.” She looks sadly at the body. “It’s my fault she’s dead. She has to stay dead now.”

“It’s not your fault,” Varanis argues. “It’s mine. You had to do a ritual. You couldn’t have been expected to be both guard and conduit. I should have left Irillo with you.”

Berra nods, and looks down, and starts to clean Wind Tooth. “Shouldn’t have left two women out to guard me,” she agrees.

Watching Berra with the blade, Varanis’ eyes narrow with suspicion, then dawning horror. “Did you…” the Vingan waves at Lenta’s corpse, but can’t seem to finish the question.

“Duty’s duty,” Berra points out. “The dead gotta stay…” She gives Varanis a little grin. It does not reach her eyes.

“No!” The denial already sounds defeated. “You were sent away, so you wouldn’t…”

“Yeah. Don’t keep me from my duty.” Berra swings her sword online. “Yeah?” She looks only casually threatening…

“The healers?”

Berra smiles, and does not answer directly. “Don’ call for them. You’ll only waste their work.”

Varanis steps closer to Lenta’s body, letting her hand fall from her hilt, so that she can pick the smaller woman up.

Lenta’s eyes twitch glassily, and Berra’s shadow flickers to the left of the Vingan. Incoming Humakti!

Varanis tries to evade her, but slips in the blood on the floor. There is too much blood.199 on dodge…

The blade hits. Berra cuts her in half, like Lenta was cut. And then she is in the corridor, and she is on a stool.

She launches herself to her feet, knocking the stool over with a clatter.
That was… she shudders. Maybe she can find a healer to give her something to stay awake.
She glances to where Lenta has been taken and where Mellia must surely be busy, then she sighs. After setting the little stool to rights, she goes looking for the Nunnery’s apothecary.

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    99 on dodge…