After the Walktapus II

1626, Storm Season, Movement Week, Freezeday.


Very late, or very early, depending on how you look at it, on the way back to Boldhome, but still somewhere in Prax. Varanis tries to reassure Xenofos after nearly dying by walktapus.

(Session 2.28 Wedding Daze)
Takes place after and before 
Death and Air.


In the immediate aftermath of the walktapus fight, Varanis sank to the ground. Sitting with her knees pulled to her chest, she stared at the bloody mass of the thing. Her breathing was shallow and careful, but despite her care, she’d have coughing fits every few minutes that left her eyes red and brought bright spots of colour to her cheeks. She stayed that way until the little Humakti came to speak to her. Whatever Berra said, it was enough to prod the Vingan into rising. After a moment more, she pulled Berra into a brief hug, then strode away, seeking Xenofos.

Xenofos is sitting on a small rock, watching the Vingan and Humakti, cleaning his rapier with a piece of cloth. Varanis heads his direction as soon as her eyes pick him out amongst the others.1V passes scan. His hands are shaking a bit so he works very carefully.

Wordlessly, she lowers herself to the ground beside him. There’s none of her usual careless grace. Slow, careful movements.

“You look worse for wear, cousin”

“Mostly mended,” she rasps. “Still hurts to breathe… a little.” She attempts a reassuring smile, but her red, glassy eyes speak for her.

He looks at her with serious expression. “You don’t sound too hale either. That was one positively nasty creature.”

She glances in the direction of the walktapus and shudders, which triggers a fit of coughing. It’s a long moment before she can catch her breath. “I’ll be fine,” she manages. “Just need to heal a little more.”

Scribe stuffs the cleaning rag away takes a sharpening stone and starts slowly but methodically check the blade for nicks. “At least you are both up and about. Maybe you feel better in the morning, there is still some time before Yelm rises, why don’t you catch some sleep.”
His tone is light but he can’t quite supress the shaking of his hands. Sharpening the blade seems to slowly alleviate it.

Varanis watches his hands silently, each breath a cautious taste of Air. Softly, she says, “I’ll try.” She pushes herself up from the ground, pausing to catch her breath. Before she goes, she rests a hand lightly on Xenofos’ shoulder.

He puts his hand lightly on top of hers and squeezes lightly.

“We’re fine,” she murmurs, though whether she says it to him or to herself isn’t clear. Then she steps away and heads in the direction of her bedroll, still lying on the ground where she’d left it when Rajar shouted for them.

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    V passes scan.