VS 018 Xenofos has Concerns

Varanis — 1626 0550 Xenofos Concerns



In the Blue Tree Clan’s Great Hall, the evening of the arrival. [[[s01:session-27|Session 27]]].


It is evening at the great Hall. Xenofos seems tense and sober. He approaches Varanis after having had a discussion with Berra. “Things are moving quite quickly. Have You thought these matters” hand waving in a circle, in a gesture embracing the village “… through. Implications of being granted lands by Prince Kallyr in the tribal kingdom of another queen. The interactions might get – messy.”

“You are probably right cousin, but I’ve been given a responsibility by my Prince. Refusing would have been dishonourable and failing to fulfill it would be worse.” Sincerity shines in her eyes.

“Your Prince, one of Your responsibilities. Your clan another. Tomorrow maybe a second clan. Colymar and its Queen in coming days. You are getting bound by lots of ties. You May have to choose which obligations You can fulfill. And tread very carefully to not make enemies unnecessarily.”

Varanis shrugs. “I will have to make sure that my responsibilities don’t come into conflict with each other. Grandmother sent me to Sartar without any warning about the implications or possibilities. She must have trusted me to make my own decisions.”

“Berra talked of matters that sounded becoming member of Blue Tree Clan. The Chief asked if the Queen knows of Your coming and the Prince’s wishes regarding lands. It would be prudent to consider if it is a good idea to bind Yourself to wyter of Tula without informing the Queen beforehand. Kallyr may or may not have the right to give You estates in Colymar, but if You want leave here Leika of Colymar will be Your tribal queen. It’s a decisive act – putting her in front of something that has already happened – is an option if You wish to act so, but not very diplomatic.

“You bring wise counsel, cousin,” Varanis responds. “It is true that I sometimes rush into things. It’s good to have a useful fellow like you to advise me. What do you know of the Queen?” She smiles winningly at Xenofos. “Do you know anything of their customs here?” she asks. “I regret that I did not pay attention to my lessons when I was younger.”

“Their ways are foreign to me. But I know something. They have a Prince who is like smaller version of our beloved Queen Samastina – first among rulers. That would be Kallyr, whom You now call Your Prince and who by her grant and Your acceptance may have become one. Being prince is tied to blood of Sartar – hence the Lunar persecution of that bloodline. Your line comes from these peoples of Colymar – and Colymari are the largest tribe in Sartar so their Queen Leika would be the second mightiest woman in Sartar. I have not heard even rumours of sedition from her part. But after You publicly stated that You might have claim to lineage of Colymar – and the Prince publicly acknowledged it might be so – and granted You and Your followers lands within tribal kingdom of this Queen Leika – I am concerned of her reaction. …And even question motives of this – Prince. Though truth be said Kallyr Starbrow has a wide reputation as leader with little regard to diplomacy. Customs might be different in this land, but were Samastina to grant lands within Saiciae domain to foreign Saiciaea claimant and foreign mercenaries it would be seen as a slight to Grandmother. Leika fought alongside Broyan, in Esrolia, as You may recall. I never met her, but she had a reputation as staunch enemy of Lunars and one with little patience for vacillating or nonsense.”

By the end of his recitation, Varanis’ expression has shifted to one of consternation. “I didn’t think of it that way,” she admits at last. “But…. we had no choice either. The Prince made her offer in front of her court. To reject it would have been to reject her and that sort of public humiliation has consequences. It is too late to undo what has already been done.” Varanis sounds frustrated by this point, her moods swiftly rapidly. “What would you have us do, Xenofos? What is your advice?”

“Before doing anything further talk with the village lawgiver – Gis. He would probably have idea of how these things are done in Sartar. You should also talk with other Saiciae if they feel like joining Blue Tree. It may very well be a good thing for You, showing Your other heritage and tying You into Colymar tribe. For others it may be different.”

Varanis looks around the room. “That is not a conversation for this evening. Dormal is drunk,” she says indicating their black sheep of a cousin who appeared to be listing slightly next to Rajar. “I suspect Irillo is too. And I haven’t seen Mellia in a while….”

“Berra was talking of not before tomorrow. So this may come up rather quickly and You should Be prepared. I don’t think I want to become one of Blue Tree, nor man of Kallyr nor man of Leika. But I don’t want to insult the natives for no good reason either so declining must be polite. And our kin should know beforehand where we stand.”

“I suggest that you seek out Mellia,” Varanis responds. “She is likely to be sober and will have her own thoughts on this. Her counsel is also wise.” After a moment she adds, “There’s something about this place…” She shrugs.